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late post? don't worry, it's always interesting to read them.

I didn't check, maybe this time my recap came out even before yours, but the point is our perspective about the team are pretty much the same: Miller abusing Rondo, the critics to the 8 men rotation, even my title is almost identical to your sentence "it wasn't really the big three that did the Sixers in, it was big threes" (FYI I wrote it BEFORE reading your post, but I am aware that it's not a great display of creativity...)

We should take journalism, or at least start blogging :-)

Anyway, where my opinion differs to your is about Carney: true he is playing like garbage, but I would have given him 5-8 minutes in the first half for defensive purposes

Iguodala played 46 min and at the end he was tired... he was guarding Pierce all the time and Pierce came out strong in the 4th, with consecutive assists for Posey's and House's threes and some clutch scoring. Maybe a more rested Iggy would have done better

I saw u posted the pic of the team wearing the old style warm ups, I find them REALLY COOL. You?

I am all for bringing back the red road jerseys and the old logo, don't you think it's 100 times better than the current one? Let's carry on the campaign ! Sixers colour are RED, WHITE AND BLUE, we should dump the black

Bri battle of the low ballers. it's on tonight and its gonna be ugly b-ball. Lets go knicks!!

I can't wait. Thinking about getting tix to tomorrow night's game.

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