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I think the Indians are vastly overrated. They can hit, but I don't think it's going to be enough for them to take the division.

brandon on Mar 28 at 7:32

I'm glad you put the Sox where they belong. I don't think they improved either. I actually think they got worse. They have completely lost the "idiots" that made them a strong team, and now have cancers like Drew in there to tear them apart.

I think you, like many Yankee fans, fear the Angels for all the wrong reasons. I don't think they are a better team, nor do I think they have the Yanks number. The Yanks have lost in the playoffs over the last seven years because of a lack of pitching and timing hitting. The Angels have benefited from that a couple of times, but to me, it doesn't matter if the Yanks played the Angels or the D-Rays, they would have lost those series.

One thing you didn't mention was what's going to happen to Joe Torre? You can't expect him to be back after another first round defeat in the playoffs. If he's out, who's in?

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