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this is the greatest picture ever.

I'll be more than happy to see Johnson go. Steinbrenner really crossed the karma line picking Johnson up after he killed us in the 2001 World Series. The question remains, is there actually a team out there dumb enough to pay for him?

I certainly hope so.

I hope Randy is headed back to the west coast on your frequent-flyer miles. However I don't see Clemens coming to NY. He has a sweet deal in Houston, where he could wind up winning his 400th game there. He gets to be home and show up on his schedule. He may miss his trips to Broke Back Mountain with Andy but it will only be a year.
Take the 16 million and go get Zito. I am not crazy about Zito but he is the best option now or next year on the Market...

Too late. They're saying Zito signed w/ the Giants, 7 years, $126 million. What a joke.

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