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Owing to my weird, low $/sleepless life style, I listen a lot to WGN AM, over the air ( home of the Cubs )*. No 2 pitchers have created more depression among their fans, than Kerry Woods & Prior over the last decade.

I think you're right Brian, though I don't think Prior is a NYC type. Sadly, this guy is worse snakebit than Pavano. AND he never even dated Alyssa Milano!

* late of the Bronx, now in VA


Could you imagine the Cubs rotation right now if Wood and Prior had stayed healthy and developed like everyone thought they would? Unreal.

Anyway, it's worth a shot, but he's probably going to take the easy way out, stay in the N.L. and try to put up sick numbers before he becomes a free agent.

Ugh...the speculation begins. $4 million is a lot to give a guy when you know he won't pitch until May at the earliest, and if at all. I doubt he'll pitch out of the bullpen because he complained about it all Spring about that possibility.

It's a good risk to take though for a team with money if you can give him two years/$7 million, although I think he'd bolt soon after that if he's not loved by everyone.

If they could get him for 2 years/$7M I'd do it. There's no rush to get him back, and even if he doesn't contribute much this year, they're going to need at least one starter next year with Mussina and probably Pettitte leaving.

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