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It's not even close -- Pavano in a landslide.

George Mitchell and his report are a total waste of time. Then again, so is Pavano.

But Pavano only wasted Yankee time and money and fan's patience, so I'd give the edge to Mitchell as he wasted ALL baseball fan's time, money and patience.


Things that make you go HMMMMM........

If the report helps turn the 85 named players into scapegoats so MLB can punish and "move on," then it will be $20 M well spent. Too bad Mitchell didn't call for Bud to step down.

Good point, ELM, I agree.


We already had plenty of unverified scape goats, all this did was expand the number. I have a problem with an incomplete, inconclusive report being used as the barometer for doling out punishment, especially when the guy who wrote suggested no punishment for the players named in it.

You're absolutely right, Selig should be the one who is punished, he's taken no responsibility for what happened on his watch.


The reason there are no Red Sox on the list is not b/c they are a bunch of boyscouts, it's b/c the investigation was done by a minority owner of the Red Sox- George Mitchell.

Yes, Aaron, that's the point. Mitchell made sure his boys weren't on the list except for Gagne, who isn't going to be around long anyway. It makes Mitchell's report as worthless as puppy paper and now adds to the suspicion that Mitchell was the one who leaked the info. on Paul Byrd to the press before Game 7 of the ALCS. It's absurd that a partial owner would be responsible for the investigation, almost like the fox guarding the henhouse.

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