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Hey Brian,

Big game tonight. I am leaning toward saying Sam's "Turned The Corner," but I am afraid I might jinx it. He has played solid all year, but has taken it to another level lately. It is a Great Thing.

I loved Thad's effort tonight. His great feel and high IQ play combined with his athleticism and work ethic has me believing the wing spots for the Sixers will be set for the next decade once Thad takes his proper spot as the starting SF.

I also like DreDala fighting through some bad calls to give a quality effort in the end game.

All in all, A quality win. If this were the BCS, we would jump up a few spots.


This team has the makings of a top defensive team with Iguodala, Young and Dalembert all on the floor at the same time. I really think Thad will be able to guard any position but the 5, just like Iguodala. Having two lock-down guys on the outside plus Big Sam erasing mistakes at the hoop is quite a combination. It makes me wonder what Larry Brown could do if he was coaching this team.

I'm loving what I'm seeing out of them, they just need to stop the let-down games, like Sactown, from happening too regularly.


I can see that future too. The beautiful thing is that Iguodala can guard 1-4, Thad can guard 2-4, and Sam can guard 4-5. If Smith develops, he can guard 4-5, and some threes on a quick switch. But that team would be long, rangy, athletic and disruptive. Larry Brown as a defensive coordinator would be in heaven devising tactics.

The Sac game was a combination letdown plus Mo got beat by Theus. Theus went full motion and screen roll for the 2nd half and Mo responded by going small, which only exaggerated the problem. Speaking of Smith, I think if he would've switched Smith with Evans instead of Korver, they might have pulled that win off.

Brian, Sean, nice reading your impressions

what's your thought about the goaltending that put us up 5 with 1 minute left at 89-84?

I just finished writing that it was a questionable call, I had the impression that Iggy was fouled but that the block was 100% clean


I thought that goaltend was a borderline call. It hadn't hit the backboard yet, but it might've been on its way down. I was more shocked that a borderline call actually went the Sixers way than anything else.

thanks. So it was probably me

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