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Brian Westbrook is, without a doubt, the smartest guy and the guy with the most heart on this team.

What did you think of the comments from McNabb about something on the lines of 'Wherever I play next year?'

I'm not sure what to make of McNabb and don't think he and the Eagles can work this out anymore, but the whole thing sure was mishandled, starting from draft day to the current day. I think he has some football left in him, but not with the Eagles. And as poorly as McNabb has played, it still sucks the way the whole thing went down. He didn't deserve to take all the blame for this disaster of a season.

But one positive, if he never wins another game as an Eagle, McNabb was the winning QB today. That has to count for something.

alex reply to JJ on Apr 30 at 22:37

is it true that he got traded to the jets? i know we lost Dawkins

Yeah, I heard those comments. I think he sees the writing on the wall, and he's probably looking forward to a change of scenery. The only problem at this point is what do the Eagles do if they can't get at least close to market value back for him? I'd say it's 50/50 that he's our starting QB on opening day next year right now, I think trading him is probably the right move, but I don't know if it's going to happen.

Starting Kolb to begin the season next year would be a huge risk for a team that's used to making the postseason every year.

Remember, Moss was traded for a 4th rounder. I could see McNabb going for a 2 or a 3 with a couple others thrown in, but I don't think he will draw more than a 2nd round pick at the highest.

I'd say a trade with Miami or Atlanta would be smart on both ends.

As a Giants fan, I dont think any player has frustrated me more over the last 5-6 years than Brian Westbrook, with the possible exception of T.O.

That's meant as a compliment towards Westbrook. He is an incredible player, and never seems to get the respect he deserves


I think that's why it's imperative that McNabb keep playing (and playing well) for the rest of the season. If it's seen as a fire sale, there won't be any decent offers for him. If he could stay in Philly, there should be.

When the Eagles traded A.J. Feeley to the Dolphins a couple of years ago, they got a second-round pick in return. They have to do better than that for McNabb.

I agree with Brian... McNabb should bring a higher price than a second rounder. Kolb's not ready to start either. We're screwed.

Let's play devil's advocate. Chicago needs a QB, it's McNabb's hometown, and he'd be welcomed there with open arms. Do you trade McNabb for Hester and a draft pick? That gives us a first class returner with world class speed at WR. (Why doesn't Chicago use him more as a receiver anyway?) If you are Tom Heckert (or Andy Reid pulling his strings), do you make this trade?

If McNabb isn't the starting QB on opening season, expect a minimum of two years before we get in the playoffs again. We have a lot of rebuilding to do. Stellar names and former Pro-Bowlers aren't safe if the Eagles decide to trade McNabb, as I think they'll do some radical retooling. No one is safe.

Sidenote... Reid said in the press conference that Westbrook is the product of his Villanova edumacation (or something on those lines). Taking nothing away from Westbrook, it was Runyan who yelled at him, sprinting (however a giant linemen is capable of sprinting) down the field for him to take a knee to run out the clock. Some credit has to go to Runyan for the heads up play too.


The answer is probably yes, I'd make the trade. It's crazy to trade a starting QB for a returner and a pick, but Hester can be a game-changer and that's really what the Eagles need to get back in a deal if they're going to part ways w/ McNabb.

The Eagles are really at a crossroads here. You're right, Kolb probably isn't going to be ready to start next season. I doubt he'll see any significant action this year, especially if the Eagles want McNabb to have any value in the trade market. If McNabb isn't on the roster come opening day, next season is going to be such a crap shoot.

On the other hand, if he is on the roster and significant changes haven't been made to the wide receivers, we're going to be in for more of the same next year. I think I'd rather take one step back in the hopes of taking two steps forward than just run in place for another year.

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