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Joe Dero on Dec 18 at 20:55

I used to own 4 box seats 10 row behind home plate for $18 per ticket in 1995 !!!! I held on to the seats for as long as i could (and i make decent money, so i "should" be able to afford my season tickets) until it just didnt make sense any longer, which is what i guess Randy Lowlife Levine had in mind...
These prices are outrageous, no matter how you want to spin it. The greedy players, starting at the top with Alex Rodriquesz (who i defended the last 3 years, but no more after this fall!!) and their jerkoff union are the reason a family of 4 cant go the stadium any longer, i dont want to hear about $14 bleachers and i dont want to ever hear again about fair market bullshit, the players never mention the price of tickets when they "argue" how much they make and how fair it is.
Its now gotten to the point where i could care less if the Yankees win or lose, i really could care less, and believe me i NEVER thought i could EVER say those words


I hear you. I assume your tickets are about $200/game now for season tickets, which is absurd, obviously. My point is that it's not specific to the Yanks, it's the economics of the game. Salaries have skyrocketed all throughout professional sports, and ticket prices have soared accordingly. At least in the Yankees case, they put the money back into the team. There are plenty of teams out there who don't, and I'd rather be in the position of paying more to go to see a good team play than paying a little less to see garbage out there.

It's extremely disappointing that I won't be able to afford to go to that many games this year. I bought a Holiday Pack of tickets today, I get 7 games including 2 Yanks/Sox games for $315. Decent seats, tier box. I probably won't go to more games than that.

I'll still take it over the alternative. It's the world we live in.

Thanks for the comment, and don't give up on the Bombers.

hasin boksh on Oct 5 at 16:48

Yankees rule.FUKE THE METS

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