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Trent Cole is a first alternate and a well deserved honor. I still wish we had Al Harris (and Allen Rossum for that matter). Andy didn't like that he occasionally came up with big penalties, but he also came up with a lot of big plays and hit like the late Andre Waters.

I'm guessing if the Eagles entertain the notion of trading McNabb that they'll clean house. Guys like LJ Smith, Jevon Kearse and maybe even David Akers might be gone. As much as I love our left footed kicker, it's two sub-par seasons for him in a row. I think he still misses Koy Detmer as his holder and Mike Bartrum as his long snapper.

Just speculating, but what other guys do you think are gone at year's end?

I think LJ and Jevon are definitely gone, unless LJ can't get the big money elsewhere. Jevon is their #4 defensive end, there's no way they're keeping him here at that price.

There aren't many other guys who fit the old/bloated salary mode. Maybe Darren Howard. That's about it, they won't part ways w/ Dawkins, I think he retires an Eagle.

Westbrook was very deserving of his pro bowl selection and I consider him to be maybe the third best back in football behind Tomlinson and LJ. Shawn Andrews however did not deserve to make the Pro Bowl as the Eagles o-line has been pretty mediocre all season. Chris Snee totally got snubbed.

In addition, I hope the Eagles trade Mc Nabb this offseason for two reasons. First, he will finally be out of the NFC East and secondly it will be funny to watch him flourish elsewhere once he is two years removed from surgery; effectively sticking it to the Philly fans.

It's entirely possible that McNabb will flourish elsewhere, I just don't see him flourishing here unless the team spends a ton of money at the WR position. I don't think they're willing to do that. Also, since 2004 McNabb has never two years removed from a major injury.

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