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Hey Brian,

I thought that Iguodala's game tonight might've been the best I've seen him play since becoming the man, because of the fact that he had practically resurrect himself. It was like he flipped a switch and took his game up to another level. The sheer cold-blooded confidence in that last shot was just the icing on the cake for me. Many shoot game winners but he shot it like he demanded that ball go in the hoop. Great to see.

I do wish they would get him some easier touches though. He spends too much time and energy constant having to work for his shots from 20+ feet away from the bucket. If he could get some post ups and back-cuts for layups, that would be better.

Thad starting seems to be only a matter of time, speaking of another guy who needs his number called. What is up with Thad scoring over Miller on the block and them never going back to it all game, even when Thad was open down there? Korver got more post touches than Thad. I have a post coming out tomorrow touching more on my feelings about this coach. He is just killing me at times with his offense and his choices.

Overall, good win. The Andres and Thad make this a happy holiday for me.

Do you agree with me, fellow Green hater, that we actually missed Willie ??

I spent half of my last post analyzing Carney's game (...) and I must say he's getting on my nerves more than Green ever did. This is saying something, I swear

I agree with you about the whole Iggy thing and that this team has a bright future, let's hope this road win is a little turning point

Merry Christmas Brian !


We absolutely missed Willie, especially in the early going. Usually, when the other guys start cold, Willie shoulders the load and knocks down some shots. Carney is just wasted space out there. Merry Christmas to you too.


I've been very impressed with Thad on the low blocks, the few times we've seen him down there. You're right, Mo should be calling his number, especially when he's got a guy like Miller on him. I don't have a problem with going to Korver down there, though. He's money with that little turnaround on the baseline.

Mo did something no other coach would've in the fourth. Andre Miller was on fire, and really carried the team through the third. He started the fourth on the bench, and Mo basically put the ball in Iguodala's hands and said go win it for us, after Iguodala had been ice cold all game. This may be the first time I've seen Mo treat Dala like his star, and it's a great sign. You're absolutely right, he knew he was going to win that game and that's the type of attitude you have to have to be the guy.

Looking forward to your post on Cheeks.

Have a great holiday guys. Hopefully the New Year will bring more efforts like this from the Sixers.

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