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I'll miss Korver and think this move hurts the team at least for this season. Does this mean that Stefanski is acknowledging that that Sixers aren't going anywhere this year and is looking toward the draft and freeing up cap room for improvement?

I'm liking this move more and more. I don't think it hurts the team right now since Korver isn't good defensively and he hasn't been exactly lighting it up either.

It does guarentee more time for TY and RC and for Stefanski to evaluate "top to bottom". More depth at the 2-guard position does help so if Mo still wants to play small ball, he'll be forced use TY at PF which is alright.

For the future, we get a first round pick and one big Billy King contract gone. I'm not sure about the money matters but this deal would look even more wonderful if we now have enough money to land a level "B" free agent, like a Maggete without trading Andre Miller.

I heard there was a fallout between Giriciek and Sloan but Mo is a "players" coach and AI is probably the only one possible to have negative feelings toward the man. I haven't seen him play much but he can knock an open shot which Rodney hasn't show he can do on a consistent level. His defense is an improvement over Kyle's and he can handle the ball and get to the rim if needed. I'm interested to see him if he plays tonight.

If this trade means more minutes for Carney to make up for the minutes Korver was playing, it will definitely hurt the Sixers this season. If it means Thad and Giricek split those minute and Carney remains forgotten, then it could turn out helping them, if Thad develops like I think he will.

It stings to see Korver go, I genuinely liked the guy and respected the way he went about his business, but you can't really argue getting rid of him when you get an expiring contract AND a first round pick in return.

Yeah but the first round pick is from anywhere between 2009 and 2014. It is not this year.

A first-rounder is a first-rounder. That pick could wind up being very important down the road.

I'm sad to see Korver go, but in the long run, this was a good deal.

I think if something similar comes along for Miller, but with more cap-relief and a better package of pick(s), Stefanski will probably pull the trigger on that as well.

I've been saying playoffs since before the season started, and I really do think this team has the capability of getting in this season. I want them to play for it, but I also want them to continue down this path. If the right deal is there for Miller, and it will help them become a title contender, Stefanski has to pull the trigger. The only thing he has to realize is that this isn't a fire sale.

He's in a really strong bargaining position. If we keep Miller, he helps lead this team to the playoffs AND provides a great role model for his eventual successor Lou Williams. This time next year, he'll be a much more valuable asset as an expiring contract. There is no need to trade him right now, so someone really should have to blow his doors off with an offer for him to pull the trigger.

thanks for the reference !

I am torn as well, I share your same feelings about Korver and I was one of the biggest fans of him on earth possibly (LOL)

Honestly I don't give a damn if we have a Euro (and I am 25% croatian...) and I am not a fan of Giricek either - well, who is? - but the move makes sense from every point of view the more I think about it

The main thing is that, as you said, Thad will get more playing time (sad that it took a move like that, but anyway...) but the thing that has me salivating is the 10 mill UNDER the cap space that ACCORDING TO STEFANSKI we have (= no more speculations on the real amount, he made it clear !!)

And that pick could easily turn to be a great addition soon !

Good luck Kyle, go Sixers !

Korver is really nothing more than a very good shooter off the bench.

The Sixers were forced to start him all that time, because they had nobody else. This move not only gets them a first round pick, but it erases a major mistake by Billy King.

There is still a lot of owrk to be done to fix King's mess, but this is a good start.

I don't really see Korver as a huge King failure. The contract was pretty bad, but he did get the guy for absolutely nothing from the Nets. So it's pretty much a wash. The fact that Stefanski got an expiring contract plus a pick is a huge plus. Anything Giricek gives us this year is a bonus. He didn't look too bad in his first game the other night.

Wonder how many threes Korver is going to hit tonight in Utah against us.

Inside the Iggles, r u nuts?

Korver was a heck of a move by Billy King, and I absolutely HATE Billy King, believe me

You perhaps forget that King found him in the LATE SECOND ROUND (#51) and got him for two bags of chips... talking about a real steal for the Sixers, in the same year Mike Sweetney was picked at #9, Markus Banks #13, Reece Gaines #15.... where are they now?

Korver has been VERY effective for us all these years

Now, if you were talking about Korver's contract, and only that, I might agree with you that it was too long (typical King's extentions, no less than 6 yrs, LOL) but the 4 mill salary isn't bad

after all Giricek is paid the same to score 4 PPG :-)

Yes I am talking about his contract. The paid him to be a starter, and he is just not good enough to be that because of his lack of his defense.

As a second round pick it turned out to be a great move to trade for him by King, but to then grossly overpay him digging the team an even bigger hole was a mistake.

The Sixers were forced to start Korver, because they had nobody else, and in turn they ended up having to compensate him for being a starter(because they had nobody else).

Stefanski has set the Sixers up in a position to pursue a free agent, and even possibly make a big trade.

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