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What a Blauch-Head.

baseball-reference has a couple of cool little tools to see who likely a player is to make the HOF. Most of them involve assigning point values for reaching certain statistical milestones. For example, their "Hall of Fame Standards Test" assigns one point for every 150 hits above 1500 for a player's career (maximum of 10 points), one point for every 200 home runs, one point for each 100 stolen bases, etc.

Using this test, the average hall of famer has a score of about 50. Knoblauch is well short of that, at 33.8. Knoblauch is even farther away using their other Hall of Fame tests, which you can read up on here, if you're not familiar with them: http://www.baseball-reference.com/about/leader_glossary.shtml#black_ink

They also have a cool little feature where they tell you the 10 players that are most similar, statistically-speaking, to the player in question. Knoblauch's top 10 similar players is:

Eric Young
Jason Kendall
Edgar Renteria
Mark Grudzielanek
Larry Doyle
Lou Boudreau
Alvin Dark
Davy Lopes
Pete Runnels
Delino DeShields

A nice collection of talent, but certainly not a HOF list (only Boudreau is in Cooperstown)

After looking up Knoblauch, I thought it would be interesting to look up A-Rod...all I can say is "Wow"

He's already crushed all of baseball-reference's Hall of Fame tests. And his top 10 similar players through age 31 are:

Ken Griffey Jr
Mel Ott
Hank Aaron
Frank Robinson
Jimmie Foxx
Mickey Mantle
Eddie Matthews
Vlad Guerrero
Rogers Hornsby
Johnny Bench

All except Griffey and Vlad are in the HOF, and Griffey will most certainly get there, Vlad might too.

I remember being psyched about getting Knoblauch when we did, even though I hated giving up Milton at the time (like that mattered down the road, huh?). But geez, if anybody was a cautionary tale about the inability to adapt to NY, Knobby was one of them. How freakin' hard is it to throw a ball to first base consistently? That meltdown still boggles me.

It's a shame the guy actually has a couple of WS rings to show for his time in NY, because he sure as hell didn't earn them.


Good to see Mattingly ahead of Knoblauch in those stats on b-r.com. I can't see Knobs staying on the ballot for long.


I'm with ya. I thought Knoblauch was exactly what the Yanks needed at the time. High OBP, great speed out of the leadoff spot. He just completely lost his nerve, and it happened overnight. If he had stayed in Minny he probably would be going into the hall, he might even still be playing.

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