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did u enjoy Carney's missed dunk? I did

Carney rocks, man. How badly do we need Willie Green back? It makes me a little sick to write that sentence, by the way.

It was nice to see the Sixers get some publicity on Sportscenter last night with Lou Will's block on Okur/alley-oop. Amazing hustle...

Aarick, do you have a link for that? I would like to put it on my site. On NBA.com that play couldn't even crack the Daily Top 10 and I thought IMMEDIATELY it was Top 3 material...

Brian, I miss Willie Green too (btw I forgot to write this). This says it all

oh Carney deffinatly emberassed himself and he continued to make a fool of himself. at least Lou Williams had an outstanding play.

its tough not having Korver, i thought he was going to make it through the rough patches with the Sixers.

seeing KK in another jersey is just wrong,and thats all i could say when i saw him playing in it. thats just not the way it supposed to be. damn you Stefanski, you better make this worth it, er well you better at least get something good out of it.


I have to agree with you. It was really, really weird seeing Korver in the baby blue warmups last night. The fact that I think Stefanski got good value for him mitigates the deal, somewhat, but we're all going to miss the guy. He's really going to help the Jazz.

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