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I think the most annoying off-season development has been the creation, mostly from the Boston media (see Simmons and ESPN) of "Hank Steinbrenner as Boss II". Thus far he's issued a few interesting quotes that weren't even that outlandish, and that's about it. He's done nothing to make me think we're about to go back to the Bronx Zoo days of the 70's/80's, yet they're managed to invoke that fear in Yankees fans.

I think ESPN and the Boston media (and eventually the local media) are trying to create a persona there that doesn't exactly exist yet, in the hopes of selling stories. Yawn.

Yep, like I said. I'm 100% fine with the moves the Yanks have made. I don't care what Hank says, all I care about are the results, and the team is still headed in the direction Cashman set, which I think is the right direction.

The Yankees may have a brilliant negotiating tactic here. They've kept A-Rod, Mo and Posada. So far, they haven't bet the farm on anyone. It's fun to watch a team that knows how to negotiate. If they don't land Santana, you can be sure their influence has driven his price way up there and put immense pressure on whoever does land him. Sometimes the best way to hurt your opponents is to make them overpay for talent. Masterful.

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