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Perhaps Miller took more shots in an effort to prove himself against his old team. When you see a game like this one, it reminds you of how much of a bargain Denver got when they traded for Iverson. It also is a painful reminder that the Sixers will be a lottery team again this year.


You're probably right about Miller. I haven't seen him force shots like that since he came to Philly. As for the lottery, I'm not ready to write the season off just yet. Thad Young is a player and as soon as he gets into the starting lineup, or at least averages 20+ minutes/game, this team is going to be much improved.

great point by JJ, that's the reason. Anyway Miller played a sub par game, I don't care about his points (btw, I like Miller a lot)

Brian, the sad thing about Sixers' offense is that right now we lack both low post scoring AND outside shooting.

I would like to make a specific post about that (feel free to do the same if you want because I don't know if and when I will) but anyway the fact is that with Korver gone we are even weaker at shooting threes, Giricek is not nearly the shooter KK was and the others are players that can occasionaly hit one but with low pctgs (Green, Iguodala, even Thad). LW has nice stats from behind the arc but he's more a slasher and he likes to drive, which is the thing he's best at

As for low post scoring, well, we never had it, no need to explain why.

So for defenses it's a win-win situation

All in all, I think the Sixers would be better off being a lottery team again this year. It will give them a chance to build young talent and really make some noise next year.

And it's not as if they don't have bright spots. I'd just rather see them sink like a stone this season and perhaps get a higher pick than struggle and still not make the playoffs.

I do like Andre Miller and hope they hold onto him, at least for the season. That is unless someone is willing to overpay for him. Suckers should always be accomodated, especially if it involves the possibility of a high draft pick.


I'm leaning in the other direction. I don't think there's any chance they'll be bad enough to get into the top 5 of the draft, so I'd like to see them make a run at the playoffs. I think the difference between the #16 pick and the #12 pick in this draft isn't going to be that great, and the difference it would make to the city if they made the playoffs would be huge.

Who knows, they may even fill up the Wach on occasion if they played some meaningful games down the stretch.

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