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Wow, you have Curry on the list. And you didn't totally rip him!

But why would Miller have to be the piece back? Why not Aaron McKie, and a first round pick (top-10 protected), for Curry and a #2, on the assumption that the Knicks would want to dump Curry to break up the Curry/Randolph duo?

Personally, as a Knicks fan... I would rather keep Curry and dump Randolph. But that's a different topic.

Avoid Jermaine O'Neal, his contract is too big and long. He's Webber II.

Drew Gooden could be had for Andre Miller (if he doesn't get traded for Mike Bibby), but... Gooden is not really a post player. He's a better offensive player than Evans, but not the answer.

Gasol would be a perfect fit, but I don't know if the 76ers have the assets to pull it off, beyond cap relief (you have about $14 million in tradeable expiring contracts). The Bulls have the most to offer (even Ben Gordon plus Tyrus Thomas, without Deng, is enough to get the deal done). The Knicks can even offer more for Gasol (Curry + Rose's expiring contract). It's a shame, because none of these guys really pans out very well.

This might be the rare instance where you are better off holding on to the expiring contracts, and going after a free agent. Most times you won't be able to sign someone who is any good, but I think all the stars are aligned for the 76ers and Elton Brand. Brand is recovering from an injury, which might scare suitors off; he's on a team that he wants to escape, and they will probable let him go now that it's Kaman's team; and he's exactly what they need (a low post, scoring and rebounding and blocking PF). And few other teams (none, pretty much, except for the Bobcats and maybe, just maybe, the Bulls) can offer Brand a free agent deal.

Oh, and on Josh Smith: Exciting player, but um... isn't having Josh Smith, Dalembert and Iguodala on the same team redundant? Osh Smith has one of the worst jumpers in the league. He's a good passer, and would make a solid SF to push Iguodala to SG, but... you still need someone who can score in the post, or otherwise you won't be breaking the zone. And with that starting five, no one is going to hit a outside jumper. Not AI2, Smith, Dalembert, PF, or Miller (another terrible outside shooter). That's not exciting ball, that's let's pray we score 70 points tonight ball (see the Bulls, or Nets without Carter).

If you can't get Brand or Gasol, the 76ers are going to be desperate. They won't even have enough payroll to trade for a big contract player (like Jermaine O'Neal). Careful: you might end up having to deal for Zach Randolph!

I'm pretty sure you can't trade contracts that you've bought out (like McKie and Webber). They wouldn't actually be trading anything.

I like Brand, but I'm not so sure he's going to want to opt out of $16M coming off an injury that cost him a year. He may not get that kind of money in a free agent deal, he might want to go back to the clippers and drive his price up for his unrestricted free agency the year later.

Josh Smith would be awesome on the Sixers, and he wouldn't play the 3, he'd play the 4. The weakness (similar players in Iguodala, Smith and Thad Young) is also their strength. Anyone of those guys can guard 90% of the 2s, 3s, and 4s in the league. They can switch everything, they've all got the athleticism to challenge shots. They all run like deer (including Dalembert). You're right, they'd have to play a wide open game and get into the open floor because they wouldn't have a deadly outside shooter on the floor, but it would make for an interesting matchup for just about any team. I'd love to see it.

By the way, AI2's outside shot has gotten much, much better since last year. If his mid-range game keeps progressing he's going to push his average into the 22ppg range.

Please, no Zach Randolph :)

Vince Ricardo on Jan 9 at 13:30

Pau Gasol is absolutely the best option, though Josh Smith isn't that far behind him. I wish Memphis would consider some kind of package involving Dalembert. I guess that's just a pipe dream, though. Oh well.

I like Gasol, but adding him and taking away Dalembert is moving in a different direction than I'd be comfortable with. Dalembert is one of the building blocks, as far as I'm concerned.

The salaries would work if we sent Miller and Giricek, but that obviously wouldn't be enough to get it done, and Memphis doesn't need Miller. Maybe a three-team deal with the Sixers giving up a future pick as well?

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