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I'm not sure what to think of Donavan staying. Kolb is still an unknown and Feeley throws too many picks, so it's not as if there's a legit competitor for the starting position (like there was last year). So in the absence of serious competition, he is the best option.

It's not as if Donavan has never had a playmaker here either. Donavan had two playmakers in T.O. and Stallworth. And did Reggie Brown really write that line about a QB who bounces half his passes? (I have to agree with Reggie on that one). If so, I doubt Donavan will be looking in his direction. Once Donavan doesn't like you, he won't throw your way... just ask Freddie Mitchell.

As for Rocca vs. Action Dirk, Rocca at least can make a tackle (and did so in the last game). The Eagles really missed Harbaugh as their special teams coach this year. They may be missing him even more as he's a candidate for one of the head coaching positions and is interviewing. Too bad he won't get that chance here.

As for Andy, rip GM control out of his porcine hands. The fact that Heckert is interviewing in Atlanta for what on paper is a lateral position confirms what we already know... Andy is, for all practical purposes, still the GM. And to further the motion, Andy, take the death grip off calling the plays too. Leave that up to Marty. You give Johnson the freedom on the other side of the ball, so give Marty that same respect.


Nah, Brown didn't say that, at least not publicly. It was my interpretation of what his reaction should've been.

You're on the money with Donovan, there really isn't a better option for next year (unless Kolb magically developed on the sidelines). That's probably why he's going to stay, which isn't exactly a ringing endorsement. I'm wondering if they'll try to get Randy Moss.

I agree that Harbaugh was missed as special teams coach, but I wasn't exactly blown away with what he did with the secondary. Very, very few picks. He seems to have had a positive influence on Joselio Hanson, which is good.

Andy really needs to let someone else handle the draft and free agency. He was completely distracted (and absent for a big chuck of) last offseaon. This one is going to be pivotal. A .500 team can only go one of two ways the next year, up to the playoffs, or down to the cellar.

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