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"I’ll be in attendance for the Knicks/Sixers game at the Garden on Wednesday night. The teams are separated by 2 games in their race for insignificance."

Here's a Sixers slogan for you..

Mathematical elimination fever.....CATCH IT!

The Sixers have played hard since the departure of Iverson and Webber and almost played themselves out of Lottery contention. There are some good players to build around and the draft will only make them better, provided Brown stays around to keep King on track. (There's cap room, too!) I'm looking forward to next season!

I'm with ya JJ. The future looks bright for these guys, provided they do something positive with the draft.

If they started the season with this lineup they'd be in the playoffs this year. If they get a power forward or shooting guard who can contribute next season they're a lock.

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