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brandon on Apr 3 at 7:31

I agree with you, bad game for the Yanks and they were lucky to win. If I never see that new guy at first base, it will be too soon. Get him out of there! He should have caught Jeter's error and his throwing mistake had me wishing Giambi was playing the field. Ugly game.

The bullpen did a good job, but you can't have them pitching for half the game everyday. The Yanks need some length from their starters.

If this wasn't the D-Rays, the Yanks would have probably lost this game.

Phelps is a joke. Not having Wang is really going to hurt, with him in the rotation, you knew at least one guy was going to go deep into the game for you. I don't have confidence that either Mussina or Pettitte will give you that in Wang's absence.

brandon on Apr 3 at 13:56

I don't have any confidence in Pettitte or Mussina either. That's why I say the Yanks need a big year out of Pavono. I think the new Asian guy is going to be solid and Wang is a stud. It's going to come down to those three.

Shilling looked good yesterday. If you can't handle the Royals lineup, you're in for a long season. One more reason why Boston will be lucky to sniff .500 this year.

Schilling is old man. He's old, Beckett can't handle the A.L. and who knows what they're going to get from Dice-K. I think they would've been better served leaving Papelbon in the rotation and going closer by committee. He's got a chance to be an ace, and they need the starting pitching badly.

I like Phelps' offense; he'll split time with Doug M. (the hell if I'm gonna spell his name), so if Phelps' defense against the Rays isn't up to snuff, no worries because Doug will be out there when it counts.

As for the Sox, I generally don't care much what they do, but I think Papelbon should stay in the pen. The great reliever Eric Gagne was equally as untouchable as Paps is a closer; as a starter Gagne was so-so at best. Another great reliever who was so-so as a starter? Mariano Rivera. The idea that Paps would be an ace is wishful thinking by Sox fans - he would likely be so-so at best. As a closer he gives the Sox a bullpen that can hang with the Jays and the Yanks; without him in the bullpen, the Sox would be competing with the Indians for most blown saves this season.

brandon on Apr 4 at 7:36

Either way the Sox are screwed. Papelbon is just going to be another Brad Lidge or Gagne. The guy had to shut it down last year because he couldn't hang, what makes Boston think he can do it this year and continue it into the playoffs? They are up the creek with their pitching.

Even with Papelbon as their closer, the Sox pen doesn't come close to approaching the Yanks'. With Proctor, Vizcaino and Farnsworth the Yanks have three legit guys for the 6th, 7th and 8th innings. Myers is a good matchup guy against lefties.

Romero is good, but that's pretty much it in the Sox pen. Piniero is horrible, and Timlin is an old disaster. Just putting a good closer at the end doesn't trickle down if you have nothing else of value in there.

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