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Not specifically related to last night's game (though I did watch quite a bit of it), but more general: I know you've written in the past about Reggie Evans, and how he's not a starter, etc... but he's good. He's a proven rebounder, but he also works hard on defense. It's not hard to see why he's been a starter on almost every team he's played on the last four years or so... I think he's a solid role player, the kind that fills out a team.

If the 76ers can't get a PF this offseason (i.e. no Brand), then it'll be interesting to see if they decide to get a low-post center instead, and maybe try to move Dalembert (My take: He's really hard to trade, but you think otherwise). That might not be a bad move for the team, either.

Evans is a really hard worker on the boards, and on D, but he is such a monumental liability on offense that he really can't be out there for 30 minutes/game. It just kills them on the offensive side of the ball. Maybe a team with above-average offensive weapons at two other positions can handle that, the Sixers can't.

Can you think of any low-post scoring centers who might be available next year? There aren't too many out there.

I'm expanding my wish list to Josh Smith and Jose Calderon for the offseason.

First priority has to be resigning iguodala. I wonder what the cap situation is for atlanta because theyd probably match any offer for Smith if they have the money. im just hoping iguodala wants to stay here. what do u guys think?

First things first, Iguodala definitely has to stay. It'll probably cost them more than the $57M over 5 years they offered him before this season, so that's going to eat up some of the cap space they have. Lou Williams is also a free agent, they're expected to sign him at a reasonable rate (he's only making $800,000 this season).

Atlanta is way under the cap for next year (currently they only have $39M on the books, but Childress and Smith are both restricted free agents). If Atlanta is willing to give Smith a max deal, no one else can get him. I'm not sure they're willing to do that though.

The Sixers would probably have to move Andre Miller this season and get an expiring contract or two in return to have enough cap space to land Smith. It depends on how much Iguodala costs them.

Having Josh Smith on this team would make us contenders instantly even if we have to trade miller to be able to sign him. We would also be the most athletic team in the league. A lineup of lou iggy thad smith and dalembert would be the most exciting team in the league.

I agree 100%. No team in the league could run with them and they could match up defensively with any team. They'd need at least one or two guys who can hit the three coming off the bench, and some nice role players (Reggie Evans, maybe even Willie Green). Calderon would be ideal, a backup point who can drain the three.

If they can move Miller for expiring deals, they'd be roughly $19M under the cap next year (that's counting $11M for Iguodala and Lou Williams, I believe). That should be enough to sign both of them.

Forget about LeBron and Kobe in 2010, make your move in 2009 and keep this team moving in this direction.

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