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I'd keep Miller unless someone is willing to overpay for him. Suckers should always be accomodated.

That said, your options of Smith, Brand and Okafor are all valid options. I think Brand is the oldest option (is he?) and with his interest in Hollywood, I don't know that he'd want to come here. Okafor and Smith will probably take big money to sign.

Just out of curiosity, do you think LeBron will really leave Cleveland? I guess you can never say never.

One thing, I do NOT want Kwame Brown. I don't like the guy and think he's an attitude the Sixers don't need. He's lazy. The only reason to get him would be his expiring contract. I the Sixers trade for him, they should NEVER re-sign him.

Personally, I'd rather the Sixers tank this season and work on improving for the long haul. There is some young talent on this team to build around. They won't make any noise this year so map out a plan for the future. Have there been any talks about what AI2 might re-sign for?

Kwame Brown would be a bench warmer until his contract expired. Pretty much any of these deals would be for the cap space, picks and nothing more. It's sad, but a deal like this would pretty much be a white flag, which may mean the team has to continue losing games for another week or two for it to be palatable.

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