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K Strouse on Feb 12 at 11:39

I am trying to find 3 tix to the 3/16 game in Tampa. My friend is a long time NYY fan and we're heading down to spring training to celebrate his 40th bday. If you still have tickets for sale, please contact me.

Dave Galinet on Feb 18 at 10:00

Need 2 tickets for the yankees philly march 2nd 2008 sping training i can get2 for $30,00 each can you supply same price or better, thanks e-mail or call 352 750 5680 please reply. thanks

neew 2 cheap tickets to the march 2nd game between yanks and philly please advice thanks

I am looking for 3 tickets to the Indians game. Part of my son's Christmas present was to go to spring training games on Spring Break. He is a huge Yankees fan & baseball player himself. Loves the Yankees - has a baseball collection with Derek Jeter, Johnny Damon, Mariano Riveria, Joe Torre signatures. If you can help, please let me know.


Well, I just got back from Spring Training....observations? The security at Legends field is more strict than Yankee stadium. Those old dudes are ruthless. I witnessed things I couldnt BElieve. Little kids being told to "be quiet" when calling out to their favorite players. Little kids turned back up the lower rows while half dressed college girls were allowed down...B list players signing autographs while the "big" guys didnt even smile at the fans....I could go on 4ever. My daughter, decked out in every Yankee thing she owned...was in shock. She couldnt believe how strict the stadium was, couldnt believe how jerky the stadium staff was, and couldnt believe it took her 3 DAYS to get a ball signed between practice fields....I understand the concept of spring training but someone should acknowledge that those of us who spend our hard earned money for season tix in the Bronx...just expect...more, more meaning...I dunno...a wave to the crowd? If this is the way its got to be? Dont allow fans to watch the games at all...Oh, wait....someone wouldnt be making money then would they? One good thing that came out of it? My kid made the honor roll for the first two marking periods to be able to miss school and GO to spring training...neither of us can wait to get back to the traffic filled, foul smelling, crowded, BEAUTIFUL Bronx!

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