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"I couldn't have done it without God's help." Yea, SO that's 80% T.O and 20% god...

Is there any doubt that T.O. would be in a psychiatric hospital if he wasn't a pro athlete?

As much as i love to see T.O crying like a bitch, the best part about that game yesterday was that Andy Reid knows now he has two teams in the division that are legit contenders so maybe he'll be aggressive this offseason. Supposedly Roy Williams from the lions wants out.

Roy Williams would be an immediate upgrade, I'd love to see that happen. I'd prefer him to Chad Johnson, actually.

I definitly would rather have roy that Chad Johnson. He's 5 years younger, bigger and stronger across the middle. I dont think the lions would demand a 1st rounder either what do you think?

Rotoworld is saying a 2nd round pick, at least. I don't think there's any way they give up a first-rounder for him, I could probably live w/ a second rounder.

Andy should get on the phone right now.

I'd give up a 2nd rounder for him in a heart beat. He knows the west coast offense and is a proven commadity and is just turned 26. You think we'll go after him?

Here's what the espn.com scouting report is on Roy:
Williams has a rare blend of size, quickness and speed. He is explosive and physical. He is very fluid, a smooth route runner who is deceptive in his acceleration. He can stretch defenses and excels at tracking deep balls. He adjusts extremely well, using his size advantage, leaping ability and tremendous body control to attack the ball high. He can be intimidating to smaller defensive backs and is tough to bring down after the catch. He continues to mature and has shown a strong work ethic.

The only concern I have with Williams is his ability to stay healthy. If he's really available, I don't see any reason why Eagles wouldn't be in the hunt.

They should be working the phones for pretty much every available receiver who can make plays.

The Eagles had a WR that could make plays last year, and for some reason, they let him walk. I never understood why they didn't at least offer Stallworth a contract... just because of a nagging hammy injury, or something else?

That said, Williams would be an upgrade. Brown is a third receiver on any contender, and Curtis maybe a second receiver. Neither are the go-to guys. Williams could be the go to guy.

How much would it take to get him here?

It depends on how much noise he makes about wanting out of Detroit. Moss only cost New England a 4th-rounder last year. Welker a 2nd-rounder. Let's hope he makes some noise.

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