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Very, very impressive. I find it amazing that the organization took the initiative to reached out to you. Nice work.

Thanks. I was pretty shocked myself, I think they're really making an effort to reach out to the fans, let them know what their plan is so they buy in.

Excellent interview, Brian! You ask some great questions and got a good idea of where the Sixers are heading. Great work!

Watching Daily News on Comcast Sports Net last night, there was a hint that maybe AI2 might not be a Sixer next year. You mention now that the two names Stefanski kept talking about were Smith and Young. AI2 turned down what the commentators thought was a lot of money from the Sixers. Do you think Stefanski would trade him? Could that be a possibility?

I like Stefanski's comments on Andre Miller. He's not actively trying to trade him, but he is listening to offers from the sounds of it. Someone eventually may make an offer to overpay for him. He's keeping options open, and Miller's trade value high by saying he's not on the market.

I still miss Korver and think he was an asset too, but understand the thinking better around the trade now. Jury is still out on that move and will be until the Sixers decide how they will allocate that open cap space, at least in my mind.
Let's hope they use it wisely.


Brian Cashman, where are you?

excellent Brian, congratulations !!!

You were luckier, and better, than me. Last year I sent an email to Sixer PR dept to ask some quick questions (not an interview, though) and I got no reply, zero, nada, zip... pretty surprising, I am a PR myself here and for similar cases some colleagues got fired and/or had real troubles with their bosses.

The rule here is that even if you can't or don't want to answer to a specific topic/question you at least take two minutes to reply to the mail saying "thanks for contacting us but sorry we can't/don't wan't to...". Evidently Sixers PR didn't follow the rule

So to cut it short, Stefanski will hopefully turn also the marketing/PR dept around, LOL. This is a good sign, because they took the initiative and contacted you first. good stuff.

As for the contents of the interview, I really like that they want to keep Miller, I also think it will be a smart move because LW still doesn't look ready for a season at starter. Also MIller's value next year will be even higher than it already is, not only he will (hopefully) go on being the nice player he is, but he will also be an expiring 10 millions, a win-win situation for us

The other point I loved is when he says to bring in "another player at Iguodala/Miller level", I like that he always talked about the 2004 Pistons as a model, a group of 4-5 excellent players at the same level with no "big" superstar. We are two players and an HOF coach away from that project, LOL

I completely agree on Stefanski's point about Korver and it was cool to read the reasons that led to the trade

congratulations again !!!

(PS: do you think that he avoiding to mention Carney means that we will get rid of the bum?)

Brian, one more thing, I think you can make a promise to Stefanski, if he will lead us to... well, you know where, you will change your handle and call this blog "Smiling fan" or "Partying fan" or similar... you will have no more reasons to be "depressed" !!


When he talked about the future, he talked about building around Miller and Iguodala, plus the development of Lou Williams, Jason Smith and Thad Young. I think that's the core. If someone blew his socks off with an offer for Miller, I don't think he'd hesitate to do it, but if you think about it, with the cap space that they're going to have, he could trade Miller straight up for any salary in the league this Summer. His $9.9M + $10-$12M in cap space = over $20M in a trade. That's a lot of flexibility, if a true superstar becomes available. I don't think that's the direction he was talking about, but it's now a possibility.


A championship from any of my teams will result in a changing of the blog's name, at least until the parade is over :)

Wow, that is really impressive that the Sixers PR department contacted you. I can only hope that this becomes the norm around the NBA, the more access for the fans the better.
I might be falling in love with Ed Stefanski already, I know, I know it’s so soon. But it's like being in a bad relationship for such a long time (cough Billy King cough), that you forget what it’s like for someone to treat you with respect and dignity. So thank you Ed, for making it easy to believe again. Doing this interview is the equivalent of bringing home flowers “just because”.

nice work. a really insightful interview. especially about the korver trade.

Great stuff. Thanks!

Wow, nice work Brian. Where to ask good questions, too. I wouldn't even know what to ask of the Knicks front office!

I don't know why people are giving you congrats on the interview (aside from the fact that you managed to GET the interview). You get one chance to interview Big Ed on the current/future layout of the 76ers and those are the questions you ask him? Talk about layups. Here's your chance to make a mark for yourself, and do some actual "reporting" and you go for the typical "What are your thoughts on player X."

Don't mean to rain on your parade here kid, awesome job getting the interview and hopefully this might have opened a door for you with the 76ers people (to the best of my knowledge they don't have a full time blogger for the team yet)... but next time get some information that we couldn't get just by turning on DNL.


I don't think I asked him the typical rote questions he'd get from anyone. I wanted his thoughts on the roster before he came here (as a division rival) and his thoughts now. I wanted him to explain his reasoning for the Korver trade, and put it in perspective with his larger plan. I wanted to know what he was planning on doing with the cap space he's created. And I wanted a sense of how the culture in Philly was going to change now that he'd replaced BK.

I'm not a professional journalist, so I suppose I could've asked him any random question that popped into my head. But he is a GM and he can't answer questions that could constitute tampering. I spent a lot of time coming up with questions that I didn't think he'd answered before, that he'd be allowed to answer. The last thing I wanted was to get him on the phone and pepper him with stupid, slanted questions. That would've made for a very short interview.

Very cool.

Great job, DF, on getting and executing the interview and the ensuing post. I enjoyed reading it as much as anyone could enjoy anything about the current state of the Sixers, and you and Ed deserve congrats for that.

I do have to take issue with one thing:
"At the same time, it must be said that while I'm in favor of the Korver deal, I would've preferred to send a guy like Willie Green or Rodney Carney the other way in a deal that would've created cap space. Korver is an asset, that's the reason the Sixers got such a haul for him, but losing an asset does have a finite cost when you're trying to rebuild a team."

Korver is an asset, that is how they managed to get two assets (a first and the contract) for him. Green and Carney are not really assets, so honestly why would any other team give up an expiring or a pick for either of those two? You have to give to get. If anyone would give up anything for Green, I am sure he would have jumped on it before the other GM sobered up.

But overall, solid interview. Don't know how anyone can really expect more as you said above he obviously can't temper and he certainly isn't going to get into specific plans or throw any current player under the bus.


That line about Rodney Carney and Willie Green was more of an "In a perfect world" scenario. I realize you have to give something up to get something. I just wanted to point out that we did give up something of value in Korver, a lot of people have devalued his importance to the team.

Two Words: Gilbert Arenas.

Franklyn on Jan 15 at 23:20

Nice interview!

p.s. Sixers win!!!

HanwayL on Jan 16 at 5:39

What an opportunity to talk the man himself! Thanks for the in-depth coverage, Brian.

I'm a Sixers fan from Taiwan. As with the US fans, AI used to be the crowd favorite here. But now that the 76ers are heading into post-Iverson era, any information regarding the team's future, such as thie interview, becomes key.

Would you mind if I translate this piece into Chinese on our forum?


p.s. Your Willie Green Garbage Meter totally cracked me up last season. But I guess he's improved enough to shake off the embarrassment.


I wouldn't mind at all. Can you send me the link to the translation when you're done?

I think the Korver deal was a lot smarter than it looked initially. Trading him leaves us bereft of any three-point shooting whatsoever, which makes it a lot easier for teams to pack it in on us in the paint. As it turns out, we've only won one game since we traded him. It was a great way to tank the season without appearing to be tanking or trading Miller. If we hadn't done it, we'd have no chance at a top five pick.

PhillyRocks on Jan 16 at 13:38

Just heard props on WIP. Nice job. Thanks for coming over the the board and giving thanks.

will look forward to reading more from you.

That's awesome. Was it a caller who brought it up, or did the hosts?

hanwayl on Jan 17 at 5:49


The thing is, it's not a web-based forum. It's one of thousands of "discussion boards" on a site called PTT, where you have anywhere from 20K to 70K users online any time of the day. PTT uses the primitive yet effective electronic Bullentin Board System, or BBS. The text-based system is obviously outdated in the US, but still popular here.

So, in short, unless you have a telnet program that reads Chinese, I'd better to put the translation somehwere else on the internet. I'll let you know when it's done. Sounds good?

This team needs rebounders and shooters. Period. That's how they will rebuild. This year they are one of the top teams in rebounding the basketball and the worst in shooting the ball. So they need players that can shoot the basketball at a high percentage from the three point line. For now in order for this team with the way it's is and the players they have to win, they must defense their ass off. They must defend the entire court. Defense is the only way they will win games. They have to get physical and tuff on the defensive end.

Good Luck to the Sixers. Hopefully they can surprise a lot of people and take out the Pistons. Pistons think they are better then they are. They are over looking the 76ers big time. Andre Iguodala is a beast!!!

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