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I liked the ball pressure we applied in the fourth quarter led by numerous Thaddeus steals. It made it difficult to get Yao the entry pass and we ran at every opportunity. Willie Green had a nice game and Andre Miller kept us afloat before our run. Big win!

"Mo Cheeks brought Thad Young into the game with 2:20 left in the game and the Sixers trailing 83-67. From that point on, the Sixers outscored the Rockets 44-24"

I don't think we were down that much with 2 minutes to go.

Good catch, it was 2:20 left in the third, it's fixed.

Miller took over for a long stretch, he made Brooks and Alston look stupid out there. This was a huge win, hopefully they carry it over to Boston.

Hey man, Lee from the TheDreamShake here. A couple of things. I did like Thad Young's game, good one for him and he did help some of the tempo. But to put this win on him is not what really happened. Rafer Alston is what happened.
To recap the fourth:

Rafer Alston bad pass (Thaddeus Young steals) - Yes, young got the steal, but he'd have to be an offensive lineman not to catch that horrible pass

Rafer Alston misses 25-foot three point jumper - Why from 25 again? Who knows

Rafer Alston bad pass (Louis Williams steals)- Again, just horrendous, no part of Williams caused that, it was all on Rafer

Rafer Alston misses layup
Rafer Alston offensive rebound
Rafer Alston misses layup

That's right, two missed layups in 5 seconds.

Rafer Alston shooting foul (Andre Miller draws the foul) - Couldn't stay in front of Andre for his life

Rafer Alston offensive foul (Thaddeus Young draws the foul)
Rafer Alston turnover

Down 2 he decides to "take over"

Rafer Alston misses 26-foot three point jumper- Taking 7 seconds off the clock, good shot asshole

In short, fuck you Rafer Alston, and Luther Head had almost as bad of a fourth quarter, and a worse shooting one.

Oh, and Sam did not play good defense on Yao. He played, I got away with pulling and hacking Yao defense on him. Actually, that's the only real defense there is for Yao, so maybe he did play good defense. I liked his tenacity, but if Luther Head could throw an entry pass, none of that "defense" could have happened because with the way he was grabbing he would have been fouled out in the first 15 minutes.

Can you tell I'm still pissed ;-)

Most of those bad shots by Alston were caused by Dalembert's aggressive fronting of Yao. They were letting both guys play down there, I'll give you that, but Sammy really stepped up in the fourth. You can't take that away from him.

Stop inserting logic into an argument Brian!

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