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Name the last team to win a championship with a 30 ppg scorer

Good point. Although I think 30 ppg is a really high barometer - 30 ppg is enough to lead the league in most seasons; basically you are saying that leading the league in points does not equal a championship. The only players close to 30 ppg are Arenas, Kobe, and 'Melo. Which is probably true. But if you lower the barometer to a more normal level, like 25 ppg (basically a top-10 scorer), than Wade, Dirk, LeBron, Yao and T-Mac come into play (all are on legit championship contenders).

Anyway, to answer your question... probably Michael Jordan, in '95-'96 (he did it like three or four times).

I didn't look it up either, but Jordan is my guess.

My point was that teams are better served to have a superstar who scores in the low 20's but elevates the level of play of those around him. LeBron fits the bill here, when he decides he wants to play. T-Mac never has in the past, but seems to be doing so this year (Would you want to play Houston in the playoffs? I know I wouldn't.) Duncan, Yao, Marrion all fit the bill here too.

The affect on a game of a guy who gets you 20 points, 6 boards and 6 assists while only taking 12-15 shots is much greater than that of a guy who takes 25 shots for 30 points and a couple accidental assists.

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