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camaroon15 on Jan 17 at 10:02

Hey Brian, just wanted to say hi and thanks for writing this blog. I've been reading for a while now but never commented on anything. I read mostly for the Yanks, but even though I have no interest in Philly teams, I find myself reading your other posts as well. Keep up the good work, and hit me up on XBox for some Halo 3 (if you have it). My user name is my gamertag. Later.



Thanks for reading. I don't have XBox, but I know a lot of the guys around here do.

What's up with the paint chips? Is it Hughes telling us that he paints the strike zone? Is it a subtle rainbow-flag display?

The paint sampler has been replaced with a montage of tough faces shots. A great improvement, as far as I'm concerned.

Great information guys, keep it up!!

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