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Just found this blog, thanks to TrueHoop. Fantastic.

I'll probably regret I ever said this, but doesn't it also seem like Sammy is playing really well these days? For years, we've all been hoping he would make the jump - stop committing dumb fouls, bringing the ball down after rebounds, throwing up awful shots, etc. His post defense is vastly improved this season, to the point where he can hold his own in one on one matchups. Quick: How many centers in the east are as good on the defensive end as Sammy is?

Talented big men are hard to find in the NBA at any price. Crazy as it sounds $10M a year isn't looking so bad these days, even for a guy with no real offensive game.

As for Brand, I would be worried. I love his game, but he's coming off a significant injury. If he could be had for below-market prices, it's worth the risk. But a big man who's lost his mobility is, well...think Antoniio McDyess is a max player? I just hope Ed spends his money wisely.


Glad you found your way here. I wrote a long post about the strides Dalembert has taken this year. You can see it here.

I'd like to see Brand play this year (not sure if he will) before I take a chance on giving him a lucrative deal. I kinda doubt he's going to come cheap, and he may not even opt out. He's owed $16M next year, I'm not sure if he's going to do better than that in the short term. He might be better off playing out his contract and building his value back up next season.

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