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I believe the Celtics have won without Rondo against better teams this year... House is a walking turnover but the Celts' defense is so good that they should easily hold us to well under 90 points.

They're 2-1 w/out Rondo, they beat the Laker and the Blazers, lost to the Wizards. As for holding the Sixers under 90, well last time they scored 103 on them so I'm not so sure about that. Pressure all night long and run on everything.

Looks like you were on the money. Frustrating fourth quarter, to say the least.

Brian, you know you're my guy, but I feel like if the young Rajon Rondo was running the point for the 76ers, you'd be saying he'll be every bit as good as Chris Paul.

Also, I wrote the Sun-Times blog today and linked to your Melky Cabrera post, so let me know if there is any little increase in traffic.

The biggest compliment I can give Rondo is that he's the best point on their roster. To be running that team and averaging less than 5 assists per game is pretty pitiful if you ask me.

Brian yesterday I watched Boston-Portland and Celtics' defense is terrific, they start form the tip off and never let you take a breathe... I was impressed

my hope is that Miller posts up House (or Rondo, if he plays I would be even happier, remember how Andre torched him in Philly... it wasn't even funny) over and over, and that Kendrick "foul machine" Perkins picks up two quick fouls and never gets into the game, that would help us. I think KG will take Sam, though

I would be ok with the big three having a great game and beating us, but I would be disappointed if the Houses, the Poseys and the Pruitts (awful vs Portland) of that team explode for another big game... we have to avoid that

Anyway I think both teams will play hard, LOL


The Sixers need to bring that exact same type of defensive intensity to have any shot tonight, and I honestly think the Celts don't have the horses to break the Sixers pressure.

We should see Miller, Iguodala, Williams, Thad and Dalembert down the stretch. That team will be all over the court causing turnovers. It's going to be fun to watch.

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