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I never understood why Steinbrenner let Pettitte go to Houston without at least making a decent counter offer. I'm glad to see Pettitte back in pinstripes. The next question is will his buddy Clemens be joining him in May or going to Boston? What do you think?

Off topic, but with George's little girl divorcing Swindal, what does that do to the succession plan for the Yankees after Steinbrenner is gone? Wasn't Swindal the heir apparent? Who runs the Yankees after Steinbrenner passes?


I always thought Pettitte left because George never likes his own toys, he always wants to buy someone else's. As far as Clemens goes, I think if he comes back he goes to the Astros, Yanks or Sox, in that order. Most likely, the Stros.

I don't know who's going to take over when the big Stein steps down, or kicks the bucket. What I do know is that his son-in-law just pulled the biggest bone-headed move ever. If being next in line to run the Yanks isn't reason enough to keep your wife happy, I don't know what is.

I agree with what you say about George never liking his own toys.

While the'Stros are possibly the favorite because of geography in the Clemens sweepstakes, the Yankees would pay him much more. And looking at the starting lineup, Mussina and Pettitte are the only guys you can really count on. I wouldn't trust Pavano to stay healthy and still think he's awful. I'll bet Cashman is already talking to Clemens about a May debut in pinstripes.

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