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PhillyFriar on Jan 21 at 1:57

Couldn't have said it better myself. The next two weeks will be absolutely nauseating, with nonstop coverage of Strahan's gap-toothed smirk, Belichick's "No one respects us" routine, Eli Manning's bewildered look, Rodney Harrison's tough guy routine, etc.

Meanwhile, I'm siding with the Giants (for this one time only). Part of it is me living in Boston and being surrounded by these nauseating fans, but the other part is just the arrogance about this Patriots team. Living in New York, I can see you going the other way, but we all know one thing: there's no good choice for us Philly fans.

I think I'm going to back the Giants, if I can even stomach watching the game. Something bad needs to happen to the Patriots, choking in the only game that matters the entire year would be awesome. I can deal with Giants' fans, I've been dealing with them my whole life.

i don't care if the taliban is playing the pats. you gotta root against beliDICK and the CHEATERS.

Amazing how Giant fans were ready to run Eli and Coughlin out of town only about six weeks ago.
Tiki, in ripping both Coughlin and Eli, looks like an ass now that they are going to the Superbowl the first year after his retirement.

I can't believe I'm about to say this, but the Giants earned some respect in the last game of the season in the way they hung with the Patriots. Oddsmakers are giving the Pats 14 points... seems a bit much to me. If the last game of the season is any indication, this game should be worth watching.

One thing that is especially hard to stomach is Plexico Burress. Before he was drafted, he blew off a workout with the Eagles, the ultimate disrespect. When he was ready to leave the Steelers, he named the Eagles as one place he'd like to be. Management has a long memory of the snub and told him they weren't interested in him or his bad attitude. How fitting he became a Giant.

Burress taunted the Packer sidelines during the game, pointing at Al Harris and bragging that 'He can't cover me.' (Neither could Rod Woodson). I'm surprised he didn't get called for unsportsmanlike conduct honestly. I hate to see an a** like him succeed.

One good thing for Eli, this should get people off his back (at least temporarily) and out of his brother's shadow. It took Peyton nine years and a dozen shitty performances in the playoffs before he got to the Superbowl. Eli is doing it in only four seasons. If only the guy didn't look like Eyeore the Donkey, maybe he'd get some more endorsements.

Appreciate hearing both sides. Victim's stories too.

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