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This had to be the most frustrating game of the year for me at least. They kept getting it close but could not guard the three to save their lives. I agree with you that Thad should be starting ahead of green. Then mo could us green when the offense is stagnant. Willie is at his best when hes aggressive instead of settling for fade away jumpers so coming off the bench would make him much more aggressive. For Thad, once they start running some plays for him hes going to start scoring a whole lot more. It just seems like so many more good things happen when he's on the floor. He reminds me of a Tayshaun Prince Lamar Odem mix.

Mo could start Thad at the 3 or the 4 (for Evans or Green) and it would be a vast improvement. You've got nothing to lose, and he doesn't seem over his head at all. Give him starters' minutes (30/game) and see what happens.

I agree with you about Green, he'd be much better in the instant-offense role. Like a Leandro Barbosa, minus the explosive skills :)

"broken record" for them, "copy & paste" for us bloggers Brian...

I think I can just put the same post for the whole year, changing only the date and the name of the opponent

This time I added to your/our A), B), C) (that I totally agree with you on, of course) some Cheeks bashing because many decisions he took were completely unexplicable

But Mo is the best way to assure more balls in the lottery, let's resist until april

Whoa Whoa Whoa. I clicked on that Phil Hughes blog you mentioned the other day, and to my delight it appears he likes the musical styling of Alk Trio! Needless to say, I'm picking him in the first ever BlogsByFans fantasy baseball draft.

Speaking of which, I think we need to do something bigger for Fantasy Baseball. Maybe use something other than Yahoo and maybe get a cash prize going for the winner, to make it interesting.

Yeah cause i dont think anyone follows the basketball league i set up, including me (besides for Erin). Let's make it big time, with penalties for not updating your team if you have a pitcher pitch and you leave him on the bench.

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