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I agree with your list to quite a large extent.

I feel as though Thad deserves a full A, possibly an A+ if that is an option because the guys numbers are very good per 30 and his actual play in games is A++. This guy does exactly what you said and I feel it deserves an A.

Sammy deserves commendation for his improvements and his constant looming shot blocking, but I would say an A- would suffice. I think a lot of his "amazing play" is because the sixers have no other NBA center on the team and he just looks better than any other sixer by a mile down low. In reality, he normally comes out just on top vs his opposing starting center. Its funny, I label Thad Young as their next best Big Man, even though hes a natural SF and the 2nd youngest NBA player I think. Reggie stinks, although I love his effort.

One question... why did we trade Hunter for Evans when Hunter was our only back up C and was making less per year and had less years than evans? Oh yeah and Hunter is a better PF... oh wait "Ricky Sanchez"... thanks Billy.


Thad needs some motivation, an A- gives him something to shoot for in the second half.

I don't really kill King over the Reggie Evans trade. Hunter was useless and the team really did need help on the boards. Evans' contract is worse than Hunter's but at least he does one thing well. Hunter did nothing well except setting up behind the basket for passes in transition.

Joe reply to Brian on Jan 23 at 22:03

I'll agree with you on Thad.

I still feel as though the Nuggets were in a bind and Billy let them off the hook for no reason. He did not get fair value for what he traded when he had the upper hand in negotiations with his large cap space. How did he not get a pick in that deal? Ricky Sanchez? I also felt,coming into the season, that Amundson could do for this team everything that Reggie does and occasionally block a shot. I still feel that way too, but I guess we will never know. Hunter was not that bad either. He was at least tall, could dunk, and could run. All Reggie can really do well is grab some loose balls... and sometimes Chris Kaman's...

I'm a big fan of Reggie's feet-glued-to-the-floor defensive style as well. I don't really see Hunter as a loss, he got too many minutes last year, and hurt the Sixers on the boards. Evans is getting too many minutes this year and hurting the Sixers on offense.

You're probably right about the contract, though. Stefanski is going to be cursing Billy King next year when he looks at the books and sees he's got nearly $5M tied up in Evans.

Very good job. Keep up the good work.

No wonder the GM contacted you for an interview.

Thanks Mark. I appreciate it.

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