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Good stuff Brian. I am sick of this clown and his bogus theatrics.

To think this a-hole was someone I idolized as a kid. The bash brothers, they were IT in the eighties. Now they're both a joke. Mcguire doesn't even leave his house it seems like.

Is anybody else here just want all these b/s investigations and finger pointing to stop. I mean enouigh is enough already. Who Cares. What are all these hearings gonna prove? That the MlB can "pass the buck" by putting the blame solely on the shoulders of the players.

Many parties are to blame here, that's apparent. Let's all just move on with our lives. Here's an original idea- Let's focus our energy on ways to prevent mistakes like these from ever happening again.

The game has suffered enough.

rant over........... jus jonesin' for some ball. :(

It's funny, I think Mitchell did a horrible job with this report, it was horribly executed and it really didn't prove a thing. Mitchell realized this, and I'd bet that he would've preferred to keep the report under wraps. He came out and said that the important thing to take away from the report was a sound policy going forward to prevent PED use in MLB.

The naming of names has made this 100% about those guys. The debate isn't how to prevent this going forward, it's about now finding more guys to point the finger at.

I can't wait for Spring Training to start.

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