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L. A. Steve on Jan 27 at 5:05

Brian says:

"Richardson (Uncontested, Make, 7/16) - The ball swings to Richardson in the corner, Sammy is very late in his rotation and he hits."

Sammy is late because he's under the board preparing to grab a rebound, and has to run 20+ feet to get to the shooter. Question, which takes longer, (1) - catch a pass and shoot, or (2) - run 20+ feet and contest a shot? (hint: it's not 1). And by the way, where are the guards, and forward? Aren't they the ones who should be guarding the perimeter, not the center. I'm a big NBA fan, watch a lot of NBA games, (NBALP), and the Sixers are the only team I see, that requires its center to guard the three point line.

Also, I'm fortunate enough to have tivo, so I watch a lot of replays during a Sixer game, especially the plays where we give up an uncontested shot, or get caught in a bad match-up that leads to a score. Actually, it's amazing, because, almost always, the problem is caused buy a defender who leaves his man for some ill-advised trap, or trying to take a charge, or trying get a steal, or some other gamble that doesn't work out, and leads to a bad match-up or an open look.

It happens so frequently, and with such consistency that, in my opinion, it can't be the players doing it on their own. It's has to be Mo Cheeks' defensive scheme. It's how he wants them to play defense. Oh, I'm sure he has a rational for being able to, "pack it in", in the paint, and trap anything and everything, and, still, be able to guard the three point line. Maybe in theory it works, but in real-life it doesn't. Hence, we give up so many open looks. Frankly, I don't see how we can be a winner playing defense like this, the Maurice Cheeks' way.

Good points. They have to be more selective in who they double, and where on the floor. They also need to let Sammy defend the rim. They tend to be over-aggressive on D all the time and smart teams are going to take advantage of that.

The good thing about having a super-athletic team on the floor is that you CAN switch out on everything and Sammy is quick enough to get out and challenge the three, if he's paying attention to the rotation. The problem is that just because you can do it, doesn't mean you should. You definitely shouldn't do it all the time, and use it as the backbone of your defensive philosophy.

Iguodala grew up tonight in my opinio by answering the challenge of J-Rich. Hopefully he continues to be as aggressive as he was tonight. I think it is also time to start calling some more plays for Thad. The couple of timeshe got the ball at the top of the key he showed a great first step and the ability to finish. I hope Mo keeps him in the starting lineup he can guard 3 or 4 positions effectively.

I definitely want to see more of Thad, and I'd like to see more of him on the low blocks. He has some nice moves down there and a knack for finishing.

He definitely needs to work on his dribbling and body control, though. He's got a quick first step, but doesn't gather himself for the shots he takes at the end of those drives.

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