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It was a tough shot anyway, but Marbury doesn't come 6 feet short on three-pointers unless somebody hit him. And somebody hit him.

By the way, looks like I was right about Henderson being on the Sixers! Haha..

I wrote that comment on your blog about 20 minutes before I left for the game, then he was in the layup line! I couldn't believe my eyes. They signed him this afternoon!

Yeah...I keep my eye on trivial Sixers waiver wire transactions, yo.

DF, still happy for these useless wins? We are slipping towards the 10th-12th pick...

They are starting to get on my nerves, really


Yep, still happy. There are no guarantees in the draft, even if they do fall to 10-12 they could still wind up a superstar, even if they had #2 the guy they draft could've been a bust. It's more valuable to have a guy like Iguodala growing into a leadership role at the tail end of this season, and actually get a taste of winning, so he comes back next year (with three first rounders) wanting more.

we have to agree to disagree then. But it's cool

I get your point and I might follow you to a certain extent. My point of view is purely mathematic: you have more chances to pick a better player with a #4-#5 pick than with a #10-#12, especially this year

Ig ALREADY grew into a leader so no need to play him 40 min per game, same for Miller etc etc

Put the young guys on the floor and test them (if not now, when?), give the starters 25 min per game... even Cheeks realized it (see rotation vs NY), unfortunately it's too late


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