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brandon on Apr 6 at 7:22

Ha! I thought you were at that game. Nothing like sitting through a snowstorm and watching your team lose. You have to love this weather. I love how you didn't mention how Abreau also failed in the eighth inning to knock in a tying run. Why is it up to Arod to do everything for this team?

That was a very "Carl Pavano" showing by Pettitte. If you going to kill him for his start, you have to do the same for Andy. Once again, the bullpen was taxed.

Abreu did choke as well, no denying that. Although, call me crazy, but it is kinda up to your cleanup hitter not to leave 7 men on base.

And I didn't gloss over the fact that Pettitte didn't get out of the fifth. The bullpen is going to be dead.

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