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Actually, they're only the seventh worst team if you adjust for pace.

Webber is going to adjust their pace all on his own.

All offense, no defense Webber?? He fits right in with the Warriors, lol. It's probably a bad move for Webber because of the pace that the Warriors play.

Webber should've push to sign with the Spurs. IMO, that would've been his best fit. Pop would've worked around his lack of lateral quickness. Actually, Webber can play good position defense, believe or not. But he can't play defense in space.

This one is almost as bad an idea as Webber going to the Lakers.....

As long as someone other than the Sixers is putting up with the sulking/whining/gimpy diva, it's fun to watch a train wreck moving in SSSLLLOOOOOOOOOOWWWW

Funny, is he going to get along with his coach better than he did on his first stint with the Warriors with the same guy?

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