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Joe Johnson definitely doesn't belong (he's not even the best player on his team this year); neither does Iguodala. Calderon on the other hand, or maybe even Turkoglu, are.

About the Gasol trade, does this mean we could've gotten him for the expiring contract of Andre Miller, a couple picks, and... Jason Smith? I don't think that would've been a good idea, but it seems like we could've traded for him.

Calderon more deserving than Iggy in my opinion.

Sixers may make the playoffs this year. They won't need to win 40 games to do it either probably.

At what cost should they make the playoffs?

I have such mixed reactions when thinking about this team. Are they going to attempt to be a top team starting next season? 3 years away? Where does Andre Miller fit into this equation? Elton Brand?? If their rebuilding is 3 years away they damn well better not make the playoffs. If they want Brand then keeping Andre Miller seems like a definite. Will they make a small move for a 6th man alla Josh Childress or something?? I am confused.

I think that the plan is not written in stone right now, but what is Plan A?

Do you have any idea? I surely do not.

It could go a bunch of different ways. On some nights, they really do seem like they're one impact player and maybe a shooter or two away from being a contender in the East. If that's really the case, I think making the playoffs (thus making yourself more attractive to a free agent) is a good thing. From just a pure fan's perspective, I want to see them in the playoffs. I love the NBA playoffs.

If your timetable really is 2 or 3 years, then Miller should be moved, but I'd rather see him moved in the offseason when the Sixers can use him plus their cap space to land basically anyone who might become available.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 4 at 2:10

From a pure fan's perspective, watching us get plowed in four games by the Celtics would be terrible. At least in the old days the first-round series were just 5 games long. Now if you suck they prolong the torture.

Look on the bright side, we could get up to the 7 spot and get swept by Detroit. :)

I miss the playoffs, even if it's a first-round exit, making an appearance may at least get the stink of loser off this franchise and make it a little more attractive to free agents.

Asher, Miller's contract doesn't expire until next season, so that package probably wouldn't have been as attractive to the Griz as the one they got. If the Laker can figure out a way to share the ball, they're going to be tough to beat at this point. They might have 4 All Stars on the court, and Fisher/Farmar are a decent PG combo.

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