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Orlando, not Miami. I am sure from your previous posts that your girlfriend got you already on this.

I am excited watching this team. I was so close to going to the game last night but ultimately lost track of time. Oh well. Either way the Sixers are a "fun" team to watch, at least to me.

Good eyes Joe, fixed it.

After sleeping on it, the only thing that bothers me about the game last night is the play they ran w/ the game tied and about 30 seconds left on the clock. Iguodala started with the ball, then gave it up to Lou Williams for an iso.

Iguodala is supposed to be the leader of this team, he is the best player. I don't care how bad of a game he's having, he needs to be the guy to take that shot to ice the game, like he did in Memphis.

I noticed that play also. He wants to be payed go-to-guy money this summer then he has to take those shots. Louis is probably the better 1-on-1 player and was having a good game but the leader has to step up. Lou settled for a fadeaway shot that didn't go and Dre probably could've gotten all the way to the basket. Still a competitive game and has to give them confidence that they can hang in there with the top teams.

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