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its so, so beautiful.

I love seeing that douche waddle off the field in his cutoff hoodie. This is the first time in my life that I've been truly happy that the Giants won a football game. I'm an Eli fan for the day.

Does this mean Archie's other boy will now be known as Eli's older brother?

The kid came through. Good for him. Good for Tom Coughlin. Take THAT, Tiki and Jeremy. That'll teach you both to rip your coach and QB.

Somewhere in heaven or hell, Wellington Mara is smiling....

As an Eagles fan, the best thing about last night's game was the fact that Jeremy Shockey had absolutely nothing to do with it. He's a cancer of the highest order, and I think the fact that he wasn't even on the sidelines is indicative of what his team thinks of him.

Come to think of it, was McNabb on the sidelines during the playoff games last year?

That's a good question Brian, and no, I don't think McNabb was on the sidelines, as Eagle policy is to keep rehabbing/injured players away from the team.

Agree totally with the Schlockey comments. His replacement may just play him right out of a job. How fitting that they won a Superbowl without Barber and Schlockey's participation.

this is the one of the few times i've been convinced of the existence of a higher power. i can't believe i rooted for the giants; it's kind of like banging a model and fining out you caught herpes. you're sooo glad it happened but feel icky all over.

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