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The Hawks did come up with a point guard in the draft; unfortunately, that point guard is Acie Law. Over on ESPN, Hollinger seems to think that Miller could be traded to half of the teams in the league, and speaks of an "Andre Miller sweepstakes." Is there really an Andre Miller sweepstakes? That's not the sense I get from Stefanski's comments in the papers. And Josh Smith's a really good player, but if you bring him in and keep Iguodala, in my book that's three small forwards (them and Thad). Josh isn't a 4 and Andre really isn't a 2. It also means that no one in your starting lineup can shoot (though maybe Thad will develop an outside shot one day), and as we've seen since we dealt Korver, you just can't win many games making two threes a night. Personally I would like Iguodala to be the one to go, but I'm sure I'm in a very small minority on this.

I'm kind of a square peg in a round hole kind of guy. I'd love to see that lineup out there for the Sixers and see them defy other teams to match up with them. You would need a point who can knock down a three, though. Calderon possibly.

I just read that Hollinger chat, you're right, he has every team involved in the sweepstakes.

Well even if you have the point who can shoot, it's hard to win with just one shooter. Offhand I can't think of a really good team with just one starter who can shoot...I agree they'd be tough to score on but a mystery point-Iguodala-Smith-Thad-Dalembert team still lacks a real top banana or anyone who can break a defense down. They'd win more than they'd lose, but they wouldn't score enough to go too far.

That team would be great. With that squad, the philosophy would have to defense and run. The long arms of Dre, Thad and Smith would cause deflections and create fastbreak opportunities. Then you have Sam as the last line of defense and Josh coming from the weak side to help.

I think that's what Ed Stefanski is talking about when he says, " a more athletic Pistons". Hopefully he is thinking about Josh Smith in his plans.

For the shooters topic, the pistons don't have a specialist like Kyle Korver but they have guys that can knock it down if left open. I consider Willie Green able to make an open three and maybe Lou and Dre but that's it. I think it's must that we get a/some shooters as well as the big free-agent.

Tray reply to Aarick on Feb 6 at 2:56

They have guys that can knock it down if left open? That's an understatement. Billups is a great shooter, Rasheed's a good one, Hamilton's developed range and is really accurate now, and Prince can shoot a little better than Iguodala. That's 4 shooters to that imaginary team's zero or one.

Hamilton, Billups and Prince are good three-point shooters, especially Billups and Rip. Wallace is garbage, he's pretty much on par with Green and Iguodala.

The Sixers don't have an above-average three-point shooter, and they have plenty of below-average three-point shooters. Not a good combo. I'd like to see Thad shoot a little more, it's hard to tell with the limited attempts he's had. Sometimes his stroke looks pure, sometimes it looks horrible. When he catches in rhythm off a screen he looks really good.

It's not just shooting the three that's lacking though, they need someone to be able to hit jumpers period. When Iguodala is hot, he can do it. But he's too streaky.

I think you're both right, this team needs a shooter, probably two. Where I disagree is when you say they need two shooters in the starting lineup. If you can get a point who can knock down a jumper, and a gunner off the bench who can stretch the floor I think running a starting lineup of Dalembert, Josh Smith, Thad Young, Iguodala and (insert point guard with a jump shot here) out there could very well dominate the Eastern Conference.

You have to be able to score, but a team that could defend and run like that would be impossible to match up against.

I think Wally Szczerbiak would be a good fit in Philly. He can knock down the shots from all over. 49% fg and 40% 3's over his career.

I see Szczerbiak as a Kyle Korver w/ a worse shot and less athleticism. But yes, the Sixers could use him right now, just not with that contract.

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