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I guess that title is one way to attract readers. We about the same exact recap. It was a great defensive game for the final 9 minutes. I believe if Caron Butler were playing, it wouldn't have been handed to us so easily.

The deal Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks to Miami for Shaq is really going to happen. First C-Webb signs with the run-n-gun Warriors now crippled Shaq goes to the Phoenix with Nash and the up-tempo Suns. Miami got bailed out big time moving Shaq's contract...

...and Shaq's ass, LOL

The Webber and Shaq deals really make me sad. The two teams that were trying to break the mold basically blew up their entire design. You can say the other 4 guys on the floor will still run, but it's not going to be the same. Shaq is going to slow that team down and they're going to turn into a team that STILL can't defend, and doesn't score enough to win with bad defense. Ditto Golden State, although at least the Warriors can admit their mistake after a week or two and bench Webber. They aren't paying him much anyway. The Suns are on the hook for $40M over the next 2 seasons. Unbelievable.

Tray reply to Brian on Feb 7 at 17:38

I've always hated the Suns' style of play, so it doesn't make me sad. It's a dumb deal though. They're getting worse on offense and defense just so they can match up with a few players whom they may or may not see in the playoffs. None of this would've been necessary if they hadn't traded Kurt Thomas for cap relief.

As for this draft getting King fired, I disagree. I think he just got fired because you don't want an idiot deciding what to do with all that cap space. I doubt ownership was unhappy with his draft pick. Some people thought he should've taken Thornton, but what do they know? Thornton's 23 and he's still really raw. No upside there.

Missed the second half last night sadly.

I hope Carney does this again Thursday. I have hated him for about a year now. He constantly seemed lost in previous games, but last night he did exactly what the Sixers and Billy thought he could do.

Thad Young seems like a lock for the Sophomore game next year too. I see him growing into a #2 option in the future just because of what I see on the court and what I hear about in regards to how he practices.

I am hyped about the future... and the present.

Heat front runners for Brand now? I havent checked the numbers yet.

The Heat actually ate into their cap space a little bit with this deal (assuming Marion doesn't opt out of the final year of his deal). Shaq will make $20M next year, Marion + Banks = $21.3M.

The sky is the limit for Thad, and I really think he's going to be something special. He has all the talent in the world, and he hustles like you wouldn't believe. That's a great combo for a young kid to have. I don't think he'll leave the starting lineup again this season, it's going to be fun to watch.

It's nice to see a guy get into the league being noted for his intangibles. Most kids nowadays get drafted based on a pure talent, upside or a freakish athlete. Thaddeus is all three but he does the little things that helps a team win. I believe he could be plugged into any system in the league and still rebound, get on the break, play good defense and manage his few points in the paint.

How many SF are starting in the NBA basically because of his hustle? Maybe the guy in the news today, Shawn Marion, but not many more. Billy King was blown away for a 19 year old and when he develops into a #2 option, he will have the hard-work mentality already there and no big ego from being the hype of the draft...

Would it be ironic if the draft that really got King fired turned out to be the best draft he had while he was here?

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