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Wow, talk about taking out an insurance policy.

Interestingly, you always hear about how much of a jerk Bonds is, but at least he inspired some loyalty. Apparently Clemens, well, not so much.

Actually, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but this could work in Clemens favor. Here is how....Bonds KNEW he was taking illegal substances so was forced to give his trainer the benefits that it would take to keep him quiet. That makes perfect sense, right? Everyone gets caught....So Roger walks into court and says, "Look, don't you think if I truly KNEW I was taking PED's, I would have paid off my trainer just like Bonds did????"


He's definitely going to say he didn't know what he's taking if the DNA matches. God, this is such a mess I'd love it if Spring Training would just get started already and we could start watching players on the field instead of dressed in bad suits answering questions for old guys.

No doubt. The pictures and descriptions of spring training can't come fast enough for this fan. Though then we get to recap the Santana trade again, probably, when he reports to camp with the Mets.

McNamee kept these items because "he was scared that Clemens would deny using illicit drugs"...sounds like either way it went down, McNamee was going to blackmail Clemens when the time was right.

I'm not sure who is more despicable, Clemens or McNamee.

Exactly, The GM. It seems like McNamee must have kept these for a reason. Was he planning on selling it on E-bay or something?!?

The good thing about the Clemens steroid revelations is that the conversation about steroids in baseball is becoming more and more irrelevant and unappealing to the mainstream now. It's no longer the big story on ESPN, no longer that issue everyone is buzzing about. I think people are going to move on from this topic now...

Totally off-topic, but Brian did you notice that there's an advertisement for a website selling Red Sox merchandise on your blog's main page?

Google may need to take a look at their algorithm.

i dont get that whole thing mcnamees lawyers said. It seems like BS evidence to me, iots questionable on alot of fronts...I'm no CIA detective, but can't he just get clemens blood, and get syringes, and say "look, i have syringes with clemens blood on them" ? And i'm sure even if he kept them for real, you cant just keep them in a ziploc bag for 7 years and have them in a scientifically useful condition, can you?

and the angle mcnamees people are saying is that hes just NOW revealing the evidence because he finally got rid of a "lingering loyalty" to clemens...doesn't that seem shady?

I dunno what to think about all of this lol

It's shady on so many levels. Even if it is Clemens blood and there are traces of HGH in the needle, i'm not sure they can prove the HGH was in there when he was injected, if he was injected.

Also, if McNamee was so loyal, why didn't he throw the syringe away?

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