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Lets not forget that The Wanger's got the most wins in the majors the last 2 years - 38.

Wang deserves better. He is our ace, when he gets the ball every 5th, we usually come out on top or at least have a fightin' chance.

Get this done with and bring in some bullpen help for godsake.

3 crappy relievers (bruney, Hawkins, Farnsworth) does not equal 1 good one.

Let's not forget that wins are perhaps the most meaningless statistic to measure pitchers by, and if I found out that my team was using them as a yardstick to determine salary offers, I'd probably cry myself to sleep.

I find it hard to believe that the Yankees have not offered $4.3M or $4.4M, and can only assume that Wang rejected it (kind of like how he rejected the Yankees' offer for 2007, only be renewed at less). If he did, then the Yankees have nothing to lose by going to arbitration - $4.6M is their worst case there.

I feel like Wang doesn't understand the economics of baseball.

It's not really the wins that have so much value, you're right, they get way too much value as a stat in most cases. The big issue is the innings. The Yanks really need Wang to give them over 200 innings this year. Monetarily, going to a hearing isn't much of a risk for them, but is it worth the ill will it creates for 300-400K?

I don't understand why the Yanks won't just pay Wang the 4.6 he's asking, esp. since it was rumored the Yankees were looking at sucky innings eater Kyle Lohse, who is asking somewhere around 7 mil. a year and a four year contract.

Wang eats as many innings as Lohse and batters aren't batting .280 against him like they are against Lohse. The only thing about Wang is that he's much better pitching at home than he is away... could this be what makes the Yankees hesitate?

It's hard to say what the next three to four years will bring in a pitcher. Wang has pitched well over the last two years and you'd think he's a proven ace at this point. Has his name come up in any trade talks or rumors?

Lohse would get lit up in the A.L. East. Even if he stayed healthy, I don't think the Yanks could trot him out there for 30 starts. He doesn't want to come to the A.L. either.

I heard two rumors involving Wang this offseason, one was that the Twins asked for Wang and Kennedy as a last offer to the Yanks for Johan. The Yanks declined. The other was something completely fabricated about Wang going to the Dodgers.

I seriously doubt the Yanks will deal him, he's a huge part of their plans over the next couple of years. Once he reaches free agency, who knows.

please dont ever say yankees and C.C. Sabathia in the same scentence !!!!!!! SCRUB ... by the way go G MEN BABY!!!! EAGLES WILL NEVER EVER WIN A TITLE

^^^ For the record, that was a different Tom.

I'm the one who started commenting late last season.

But anyway, yes it does seem very silly. If it truly is about his two bad starts in the ALDS this year, it's way overblown. What about his two strong playoff starts in 2005-2006?

I think Cashman is smart enough not to judge a pitcher based on two starts

Yeah, I don't really think it's about those two starts, that was just some of what I was reading/hearing.

Although, while Cashman isn't reactive like that, it does sound like something a younger George Steinbrenner may have done...

Money is alwaya funny on Feb 15 at 0:01

Baseball business, sometimes, is just like a sweatshop.

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