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Your blog is great, I read all of your Sixers posts and agree with you most of the time. Just wanted to show some appreciation and let you know that you put Hester in this post and probably meant Devin Harris.

Good eyes Mike. It's fixed now. Thanks for reading.

Fun stat: Iguodala is 47th in the league (out of 438 players) in threes attempted; he's seventh worst in the league at percentage (counting only the qualifiers). That percentage, by the way, is 30.6%, his worst in his career from three so far. If Iguodala never becomes a shooting guard, how will he and Young fit long-term on the same team? Of course, you can argue that not all shooting guards have to be able to shoot; see Dwyane Wade. Wade, however, takes 28% as many threes as Iguodala.

There's another guy in this category, with more 3s attempted and almost an identical percentage: LeBron James (30.7%).

Honestly, I don't think either of these guys would be taking as many threes as they are if they were surrounded by a little more talent, Iguodala especially. He isn't a selfish player, or a gunner, by nature. He takes too many threes because no one else on the team can make them, and the burden is on him to carry the team.

Add another scorer to the team and his attempts go down and percentage probably goes up.

Brian, great job with the tracking about Thad guarding Dirk, I took note of the first airball and then stopped, LOL

It looks like everybody is now jumping on the Miller bandwagon... a lot of seats there...

Saw an interesting trade rumor that was sending Kyle Lowry to the 76ers...any chance it is true? Thoughts?

Also, I won't be able to post on the site, movable type is blocked on the government computers here. Thinking about buying a laptop so I can use it in my room.

Lowry is a Philly guy, beyond that I don't see any reason to trade for him. They already have a small combo guard who's better than Lowry in Lou Williams.

He would fit on the Sixers though, he can't shoot from the outside. I don't think it's going to happen.

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