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Its funny you mention Iguodala's body language because it is the one thing that I am starting to dislike about him. He complains to the refs too frequently and the stupid look on his face with his palms up pisses me off. You didn't get the call, deal with it and stay in the game. You can bitch to the refs when there is a stop in play.

I missed the most of the second half, so you are probably talking about a different dunk, but Gay's dunk on Dalembert was incredible. Sammy shouldn't have backed off though, that was disappointing.

The thing about Iguodala is that he's probably got a legitimate gripe on most of those calls he's complaining about, but until he gets under control on his drives, they aren't going to reward him w/ a trip to the line. He goes in there at 100 MPH and just heaves up a shot too often, looking for the foul. He needs to go in there and worry about putting the ball in the hoop, rather than drawing the foul.

Sammy has stayed out of foul trouble by not challenging as many shots. Sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes it isn't. I would've liked to see him block that one, but I think Gay was in the air too quickly for him to even react.


Miller, Thad, Andre, Sammy are all legit NBA starters. Good team.

And Gay took at least 4 steps on his dunk. What a Joke. During the Warriors game Van Gundy had a great quote essentially saying... "You got guys like Rudy Gay asking for dunks on Youtube. I just want the guy to get in a proper defensive stance."

Oh and what happened to Rodney Carney? Not that I miss the old one at all.

I heard Van Gundy say that, I was cracking up and thinking to myself "Van Gundy really doesn't want to coach in Memphis."

Mo stuck with Thad for extended minutes, at Carney's expense. I can't argue with that move, although I have been extremely happy with the effort Carney has turned in over the past five games or so.

I think Carney got a T early in the game, Mo may have cut his minutes to punish him for that.

good stretch but I would like to see Jason Smith more, I don't know why he sits so much in the second halves of the games

he should get 15 MPG minimum

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