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The Greek on Feb 18 at 10:26

This is my post on another blog on @/14/08

I have to admit that I was one of the many fans who wished for us to lose as many games as possible after the Iverson trade in order for us to get a shot at Durant or Oden in the draft. And when the worst thing happened, the sixers winning enough games to earn a late lottery pick while also missing out of the playoffs I felt as if the curse of Harold Katz was still alive. But then the miracle of Thad Young happened. By the way, I wanted Al Thorton at the 12 spot. Drafting Thad Young was the best thing to happen to this franchise since we won game 1 against the lakers in the finals. If the draft was redone today and we had the 3rd pick, you bet your azz I would be rooting for us to pick Thad even over Horford. Big Al will be a solid pro but our boy Thad has the makings of a superstar, or as I told my buddy today a FUTURE DREAM TEAMER. Gotta love the cool aid baby!

Posted by The Greek | February 14, 2008 11:45 PM

Thad's got a chance, man. I want to see more of his jumper. If his mid-range jumper is solid and he can extend it to three we've got one hell of a one-two punch on the wings with him and Iguodala.

I'm excited for them to get back on the court tomorrow night.

From a realistic perspective, tanking will provide the Sixers with nothing at this point, because Minnesota, Miami, New York and others won't ever pass the Sixers in the standings -- and in my opinion, Beasley and Rose are the only really special players in this draft. Plus, the Celtics showed you last year that tanking only gets you the most ping pong balls.

Regarding Josh Smith... is there any way this could actually happen? I agree that he'd be the perfect fit for this team, but as a restricted free agent it will be near impossible to pull this off.

Actually, I think the odds of the Hawks keeping Josh Smith just lessened with the trade for Mike Bibby, especially if this season doesn't end well for the Hawks. Signing Smith longterm is going to put them over the cap, and possibly close to the luxury tax threshold. Their ownership may not be willing to do that if their gamble for Bibby doesn't pay off.

Hopefully if we make the playoffs and leave the Hawks out. Then Josh Smith will think he is the missing piece to get this team over the hump. We have a legitimate shot at the postseason with J-Kidd on the move and it really becoming a 2-team race between us and Atlanta. I'd be surprised if N.J doesn't fall out of the playoff race.

This is going out on a limb, but I'm pushing to get to the 6th spot and out of Boston and Detroit's line of fire in the first round. With Washington losing 8 of their last 10 and dealing with injuries we should try to take advantage. At least before agent zero returns.

Joe reply to Aarick on Feb 18 at 17:50

I agree with a lot of what you say. I would argue that Washington will be a worse team upon Arenas' return, at least short-term and probably long-term. Arenas is a poison who cannot shoot(35% from beyond the arc, 41% from field), dribble, pass and is a laughing stock on defense, not to mention his antics. This is Caron Butler's team now.

He can draw fouls and sink free throws with the best of them, but I definitely think people see his 40 point games where he took 35 shots and overrate him. I consider him a crazy Allen Iverson.

Getting back to the Sixers though. I am with you Brian. I absolutely love this team. I am planning on going to the Knicks game and hopefully another 3-4 games this season. I want a Sixers' jersey for the first time since Iverson's rookie year honestly and it is strictly because of this new rook. I never got AI jersey, but I may get the TY jersey.

Josh Smith - I am not holding my breath. I think Miller, Iggy, Thad, Josh, Sammy would be quite a good defensive team... but none of them can shoot the basketball consistently outside of 15 feet.

Yeah, it may be too late to tank, but tanking would have been a good idea last year. Yeah, we got Thad Young. But that was just luck. The chance of getting someone that good at that slot in the draft is really low. Moreover, Conley's going to be a good point and he can already shoot a little. I think he'll be a decent shooter. Oden happens to be injured, but the guy's going to be a very good player. Durant may be a franchise talent, maybe not - but what you're forgetting in all this is that, if we did have a top two pick and hadn't liked what was available, we could've traded it for some star talent. Boston got Ray Allen for the #5. So I think you're always better off drafting high, and I hope we end up with a top ten pick. I have so little interest in watching this faceless team get swept in the first round just so we can build a winning atmosphere. And I really doubt that Josh Smith - who, let's be clear, it would be a mistake to sign - would care whether we make the playoffs or not. Besides, the only teams with the cap room to sign a Brand or Smith are us and Memphis, maybe Sacramento with the deal they just made, so it's not like the alternatives wouldn't be tankerstoo.

Memphis is a joke, and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future, Sacramento may be headed in the right direction, although they really didn't get any pieces back in the Bibby trade, just some cap space which I don't think they'll be able to use this Summer. Regardless, I disagree that it doesn't make Philly more attractive if they actually make the playoffs. Guys like Brand and Smith are going to want to go somewhere where they at least have a shot at the playoffs. When you look at Philly right now, you see a team moving in the right direction, if they were intentionally tanking I don't think you'd see that at all.

Obviously, when it comes to draft day it's better to have a higher draft pick, but how you get to draft day matters too. The Bucks are a good example, they completely pulled the plug and tanked last season in hopes of getting a high pick and then coming back this season and turning everything around with their new pick and a decent core of players. Unfortunately, that core of players turned into a core of losers after playing like that for a full season and now they're probably going to have to blow the whole thing up and start from scratch, if they can get someone to take Redd off their hands.

I don't think the Sixers are at the point where they need to get a savior through the draft, if there's even a savior available. They need to develop this core and use the cap space to sign and/or trade for another big piece. Honestly, I'm not even sure how they would go about tanking. Take minutes away from Iguodala? Play Ollie 20 minutes/game? Put Dalembert on IR for a phantom injury? How do you tank without hindering the development of the young guys? Memphis already found out, to a degree, how hard it is to get players to come play for you when you don't even give the impression that you're trying to win. We don't want that to become the case in Philly as well.

We're going to have to agree to disagree on Josh Smith. I see the Sixers holding teams under 90/game with a starting lineup of Dalembert, Smith, Thad, Iguodala and Miller. And that defense would key the running offense.

jkay reply to Brian on Mar 11 at 22:48

guys. Josh Smith are u kidding me? They would kill the entirely nba in athleticism. Jump shot? heck they dont need that but it will come with time. Instantly you have a starting five of the youngest, quickest, most athletic players at their positions (less andre miller though) iguodala returns to the two to create mismatches, smith developing the low post game with young flying on the wings. the possibilities would be endless. add a pure 3 point shooter like matt carrol or sumthin and you have a future Eastern Finals Contender. I guarantee you that. I'm praying meen I'm praying. Ed Stefanski click your heels together and make something happen.

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