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He rocks..

I still maintain that the best part of the night was when Barkley was cracking on Damon Jones for looking like a clown and saying that he was in the D-League all-star game earlier in the day.

Absolutely. Barkley said exactly what I was thinking the first time they showed Damon Jones, "What's Damon Jones doing here? Is he still in the league?"

you guys here about the ron artest rumor? stephen a smith reported it last night on his radio show that the sixers are the front runners. We would send willie green rodney carney kevin ollies contract and the utah pick for artest and possibly quincy douby. what do ya think

Everything I've seen says this rumor isn't going to happen, and I'm glad.

For a couple of reasons, Artest is the wrong guy for this team. He's got a bad attitude and a tendency to flake out on his teams, also, I don't think a lineup with Thad at the 4, Artest at the 3 and Iguodala at the two is going to scare too many people. If Iguodala is going to move to the 2 it needs to be because the 4 spot has been upgraded and Thad has slid to the 3. Artest doesn't do that for you.

Artest is a talented player, but he carries way too much baggage and adding him to this team would kill the chemistry overnight.

i agree with you but he can opt out at the end of the year and id love to get rid of greens contract. i want to see us continue to build the right way. i wouldnt be totally against getting artest but id rather stand pat.

I wouldn't mind getting rid of Green and Carney, and this move would bring even more cap space next season if/when Artest opts out. I guess I think having him on this team and in this locker room for the rest of the season would probably do more damage than good to this team.

If it was to happen, we'd have to hope that he could stay under wraps for the rest of the season to boost his free agent value and help this team get to the playoffs. Not all that likely, I'm afraid.

Joe reply to Brian on Feb 17 at 23:56

If Artest did not opt out, they would have 17 million expiring with Miller and Artest's contracts. That would be useful in getting somebody to come in as the #1 and sell some seats for a change. I realize Artest is going to opt out, just felt like adding this because it'd be interesting.

They'd have even more than that coming off the books, $18.5M actually. The only problem is that if he didn't opt out, he'd seriously eat into the cap space they created for this Summer. If he's on the books for next season, and they have to extend Iguodala for somewhere in the neighborhood of $12M and re-sign Lou Williams they're not going to have the money to get an impact PF in the Summer unless they trade Miller in the deal to get him.

Either way, the following Summer they aren't going to be able to spend all of the money that would come off the books from Artest and Miller because they'll probably be over the cap.

If they do trade for him, they really need him to opt out after this season to keep the team moving in the right direction.

Do you think there is any substance to the rumor though? It really came out of nowhere

I take anything that comes out of Stephen A. Smith's mouth with a grain of salt. The Sixers and Kings have dealt with each other before (Webber), and the Kings also have gotten good results from signing Salmons, so maybe they like something they see in Green and Carney? I don't know.

I mean, they're taking on salary, especially if Artest is going to opt out. Green is signed for 3 years beyond this one, Carney's signed through next year, then they have a team option. Ollie's contract expires after this season.

If the Kings like Carney and/or Green maybe it makes sense, otherwise, I'd think they'd be looking for a piece or at least not to take long-term deals in return.

Yeah, I think the Kings would want either (a) talent or (b) expiring contracts. Green and Carney aren't talent and their contracts aren't expiring. As far as our end of the deal, I guess our hopes of drafting really high are pretty shot, so I don't see how it would hurt. More cap room for us and at least with Artest, if we made the playoffs we wouldn't be completely embarrassed. By the way, what was so good about the Superman dunk? I see a guy taking off from 13 feet and laying the ball in from 2.

For me, the amazing thing about the dunk was the fact that he was two feet away from the hoop about 2 feet above the hoop when he threw it through. A guy that big shouldn't be able to jump like that.

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