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Brian I just sent you an email, check it please

can't wait to see Sixers back in action and I hope we stand pat and don't trade Miller...


Ricky, I didn't get the e-mail. Send it to brian@blogsbyfans.com

Nevermind, I got it. Check the post above.

Thad's a fine player. I doubt we'll get to draft another like him at the 15 spot. One thing you may not have considered is that, if we were to drop out of the playoffs, our draft position would automatically improve 5 spots. That's because, while we're the 11th worst team in the league, all the Western lottery teams that are better than us get to draft ahead of us if we make the playoffs. If we drop to 9th in the East, our draft position improves from 15 to 10. Now, you might wonder whether 10th picks are historically any better than 15th picks. It's a bit of a mixed bag but the tenth picks clearly tend to be better. It's surprising how many stars have been drafted at the ten spot. Here are the 10th/15th picks going back a ways:

2006: Saar Sene/Cedric Simmons. Both teams picked project big men; neither one's playing.

2005: Andrew Bynum/Antoine Wright. Huge edge to the 10th pick.

2004: Luke Jackson/Al Jefferson. Huge edge to the 15th pick.

2003: Jarvis Hayes/Reece Gaines. Hayes is a decent bench player for Detroit; Gaines is out of the league.

2002: Caron Butler/Bostjan Nachbar. Huge edge to the 10th pick.

2001: Joe Johnson/Steven Hunter. Huge edge to the 10th pick.

2000: Keyon Dooling/Jason Collier. Both undistinguished bench players. Collier's dead.

1999: Jason Terry/Frederick Weis. Huge edge to the 10th pick.

1998: Paul Pierce/Matt Harpring. Harpring's a nice player, but huge edge to the 10th pick.

1997: Danny Fortson/Kelvin Cato. Fortson's out of the league, but he was decidedly better than Cato ever was.

1996: Erick Dampier/Steve Nash. Huge edge to the 15th pick.

1995: Kurt Thomas/Brent Barry. Sort of a wash.

1994: Eddie Jones/Eric Piatkowski. Huge edge to the 10th pick.

1993: Lindsey Hunter/Doug Edwards. Edwards averaged 2 points a game over 85 NBA games before reaching the end of his rookie contract. Big edge to the 10th pick.

1992: Adam Keefe/Anthony Peeler. Decent edge to the 15th pick.

1991: Bison Dele/Anthony Avent. Big edge to the 10th pick.

1990: Rumeal Robinson/Dave Jamerson. Robinson had an NBA career; Jamerson came off the bench in 90 games for an average of 6 minutes per.

So in 11 out of the 17 drafts, the 10th pick was better, in three they were about the same, and in three the 15th pick was better. And in most of the years that the 10th pick was better, he was a lot better.


Good research here. Agreed, the dif. between the #10 pick and the #15 pick can be huge. Looking at this draft class, O.J. Mayo is now projecting to drop to #10 and while I absolutely don't want him, that points to decent depth in the lottery picks. I still want the playoffs, though.

Kevin Love may be available at #15 or #16. I'd like to see him in Philly.

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